Tuesday , February 20 2024
Lulu runs off with Johnny again. Sonny plans to run into Anthony.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lulu Courts Danger

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Nikolas raged while Lulu walked. Luke and Tracy hypothesized while Sonny plotted.

Luke and Lulu continued their argument about Logan until she could take no more and walked out. Tracy encouraged Luke to go after his daughter, but he refused, coming to the realization she would do what she wanted despite his concerns.

While out, Lulu encountered Johnny, who was also running away from his family problems. He tried to persuade her into his car, but when she refused they had a heart to heart about their fathers in the glow of his headlights on the side of the road. It might have been a special moment if Johnny didn't come off so psychotic when he's around anyone but Lulu. We did get an interesting little glimpse into Johnny's personal life, and maybe a reason behind his erratic behavior: his mother was killed when he was seven. The bonding moment was interrupted when Johnny spied his handlers, set to drag him back behind the prison walls of home, and quickly pushed Lulu into his car, making a quick getaway.

If Luke was worried about how Logan was going to hurt his gumdrop, wait until he gets a look at Johnny. If he shows up to save the day, and his daughter, he's probably going to end up in the middle of Sonny's mob war and even further on the outs with Lulu.

Carly tried to talk Nikolas down from his rage, but when he didn't put the letter open he held to her neck down, Max burst in and held him at gunpoint until he did, infuriating Carly who for some odd reason felt like she was on the verge of getting Nikolas to confess to killing Leticia. Nikolas can't confess to what he doesn't remember, Carly. Even if he did remember, I doubt he'd tell you.

I'm still not completely convinced he did do it, but not for the same reasons as Emily. She says he would never hurt a woman, but then she didn’t see him throw the glass at Alexis or hold the letter opener to Carly's throat. Take heed, Em, Alexis is scared enough to move her girls out of Wyndemere; you should follow suit. Grab Spencer and run as fast and as far as you can.

Kate overheard Sonny order Spinelli to track down everything he can about Zaccharra, including where the man lives. When she learned he was planning to meet with the rival mob boss, she asked him to reconsider.

At the Metro Court, Diane and Max drank away their mutual frustrations with Sonny and Carly in what turned out to be delightfully naughty scene of flirting and what appeared to be a hook-up. That was until Max refused to be unfaithful to Mrs. C, who is actually Mrs. J now, and, as Diane pointed out, married. I was a bit disappointed because the chemistry between these two pops off the screen, but had to admit Max acted very true to character.

On Wednesday's GH: Lulu and Johnny alone in a cabin; Diane and Alexis continue Liz and Lucky's divorce battle; Partick can't help but interfere with Robin's baby plans. 

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