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Luke wants Lulu away from Logan, Sonny and Jason want answers.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Second Chances and Denial

On Monday's General Hospital:

Luke still wants Lulu away from Logan, Jason and Sonny want answers from the Zaccharra family, and Emily and Alexis only want to help Nikolas.

When neither Nikolas nor Tracy seemed sympathetic to Luke's concerns over Lulu and Logan, he went straight to the source and was near distraught to see his daughter in his apartment. It appeared to cut him even deeper when Lulu continued to defend Scott Baldwin's son. After telling his daughter exactly how he felt, Luke retreated back to the Quartermaine estate and Lulu soon followed. When she tried to explain to her father that she saw something inside Logan and wanted to give him a second chance outside of the arrangement with Scott, Luke insisted she not draw any correlations between her situation and his with Laura.

But isn't that exactly the parallel the writers have been trying to draw for us? Logan has the just-trying-to-get-by history and doesn't think of himself as worthy of Lulu. If that's not a rewrite of Luke and Laura, I'm not sure what is. What gives this story extra flair and appeal, for me anyway, is the forbidden. Yes, the story is as old and as universal as Romeo and Juliet or The Hatfield and McCoys, but the idea of two lovers caught in the web of a twenty-year-old family feud is entertaining.

The only thing Johnny was willing to confess to Jason was his infatuation with Lulu. He insisted she's the reason he keeps returning to Port Charles and denied any association with Leticia's murder. Even though Sonny believed the best route to Anthony is through Johnny, he still ordered Jason to let him go based on Trevor's advice. He later told Jason if Anthony does not agree to a face-to-face meeting he should pick up Johnny again and hold him until Mr. Z does.

With the cut over Johnny's eye after talking to his father as evidence, it appears Zaccharra family relations are tumultuous at best. I still think Sonny doesn't know what he's getting himself into pushing this guy up against the wall, and if the story would just begin to move forward, it could get pretty juicy.

Lainey visited Cody again and this time insisted she is going to get him the best lawyer money can buy. Later, she denied to Robin she was developing feelings for him, but I personally think she's too wrapped up in the grief over her father's death to know just what she feels yet. Cody (and Graham Shiels who plays him) is always a delight to see on the screen and I'm all about this angst-ridden character who appears to have a heart of gold. Maybe I'm like Alexis and can't help falling for the bad guys, but I honestly don't think that's what we have here. Time will tell.

Emily and Alexis both tried to convince Nikolas the Black and White Ball was just too daunting of a task for him to take on until they knew what was wrong with him. Even though Nikolas tried to deny he was getting worse, he had two more attacks of rage. The first was on Jax when he tried to talk to him about stabbing Jerry and the second on Carly at the very end of the show. In both instances he brought up that Jax and Carly had lied about Spencer's paternity early on. In the case of Carly he grabbed her shirt collar and insinuated he should want to hurt her for keeping his son from him.

Well, how's that for supplying a motive I hadn't really thought of before? Did Nikolas kill Leticia in one of his rage/blackout episodes in some twisted scenario of revenge? The ball is scheduled to happen in two weeks, leading into November sweeps, and I'm sure we'll have at least a couple of answers by then.

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