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Patrick interferes in Robin's baby business. Luke wants to hold everyone responsible for Lulu, except himself.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Friction and Pressure

On Friday's General Hospital:

Nikolas fought the rage building inside him and Carly fought with Jason about Johnny. Patrick pushed Robin to forget about becoming a mom and Trevor pushed Sonny to release Johnny.

Nikolas told Emily he was planning a ball as both a fund raiser for the hospital and a gift to her. She questioned whether or not he was well enough to take on such a massive event. He tried to put her at ease just as Luke arrived to go off on him for not protecting Lulu while he was away. Nikolas lashed back with reasonable arguments — Lulu's an adult and if Luke really wanted her protected he should hang around for more than five minutes at a time — but gripped a letter opener in his hand to suppress the irrational temper fuming inside. After he threw Luke out, he opened his hand, finding it cut and bleeding.

Nikolas' rages and blackouts are becoming more frequent and seem to be growing more intense. I'm with Emily on this one; I don't think the ball is a good idea, even though it should be entertaining to watch. As much as I adore Tony Geary and am willing to put up with the frequent long vacations in order to have him grace the screen at all, Nikolas and Tracy are absolutely right about Luke having no room to complain about what goes on with Lulu in his absence. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. All his angst over Lulu hooking up with Logan, Scott's son, is delightful to watch!

Carly seemed intent on staying and taking over helping Jason question Johnny, but Jason was more intent on throwing Carly out for her own protection. Maybe he should have let her stay. He didn't get many answers out of the psycho son of the super mob boss. Carly met up with Jax and after two rather bad attempts at lying about why she was late, came clean. Jax then shared his new theory: what if it was Nikolas not Johnny who killed Leticia?

I think it too easy for the killer to be either Johnny or Nikolas. To be honest, I will be extremely disappointed if this turns out to be the answer. Of course, with only one body it isn't really turning into the serial killer story it was hinted to be.

I keep coming back to the tear in Ric's shirt the night Leticia was murdered. He certainly had motive with his hatred for Sonny and would also benefit if his brother retaliated against Anthony and ended up dead. It's also bouncing around in the back of my mind that we've never seen Lorenzo's dead body. As far as Nikolas' rage, I think we're dealing with side effects of the drug Jerry used or some sort of mind control from his crazy Cassadine relatives, either way it plays out, it should be fun to watch.

Patrick didn't think it was a good idea for Robin to have a baby on her own, especially with a predestined daddy from her list. Determined to prove she could and would do what she pleased, she walked away from him and up to Dr. Leo, inviting him out for drinks after their shift to discuss something. Leo got the wrong idea and thought Robin was interested in dating him, admitting his interest in her. Before Robin could set him straight on the real reason she had invited him out, Patrick arrived and told him in a more crude and much less tactful way than she would have. Leo bowed out of the conversation and the drinks saying the two obviously had issues to work out.

Leo nailed it with that assessment, but I think it's mostly Patrick. Robin is obviously still hung up on the good doctor, but I don't believe she wants to have a baby to fill a void left by him. Patrick on the other hand doesn't want to be a parent and doesn't want Robin to be one either. Why? Is he still hoping to get back with her and thinks a baby will close that door? I'm having a hard time believing what he's saying, that it's all about not wanting her to make a life changing choice when she's in a bad place.

At episode's end Trevor showed up demanding that Sonny tell Jason to let Johnny go, saying he can't be responsible for the blood bath that will ensue if he doesn't. On Monday, we meet Anthony Zacchara, as he meets with Sonny in exchange for Johnny.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Carly questions Nikolas; Nikolas flies into another rage. This is getting to be an old story. Is Nikolas going to get that full battery of tests soon?
  • Robin continues her great DNA search with Jax and Lucky. Patrick continues to brood and complain.
  • Lulu is in trouble again. Is it Johnny or Logan who's the cause.
  • Diane and Alexis continue to fight out Liz and Lucky's divorce.

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