Wednesday , November 29 2023
Not Andy, not Sonny, not Jason, not Eli Love. Leo?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Perfect DNA

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Kelly and Robin dished on which of Port Charles' men were the finest, Tracy brought Luke up to speed, Jerry learned something about Nikolas, and Jason tried to protect Carly.

After sliding between the sheets with Patrick, Layla decided it was worth the risks to her career to be with him. Of course she did! Most of the woman on GH put men before their careers, but Patrick's not really being a man here, he's reverted to true dog style. While Layla was weighing her goals versus relationship, Patrick was toeing the 'gotta have some fun in life' line. Take a second and really listen to him — he's still hung up on Robin in a major way.

At the hospital, after Robin convinced Kelly she wanted to become a mother for all the right reasons, Kelly suggested they start making a list of potential baby daddies. I was surprised that Dr. Leo was the first name out of her mouth, guess he's going to step up to be a major player during the day, instead of just biding his time between Night Shift seasons. Andy was suggested and immediately crossed off because Kelly admitted feelings for him – wow, double surprise! I was also pleasantly shocked to see her almost immediately dismiss Jason because of his potential to become attached to a child she wanted for herself. No mention of my number one choice, Noah, but close. Kelly suggested Eli Love. Robin immediately shot him down because the baby would have Patrick's father's eye – and that would be too weird.

Of course when Patrick and Robin went to consult on a patient, Robin dropped her little list, and, of course, it was Layla who found it and picked it up. Instead of returning it to Robin, she gave it to Patrick saying it looked like it was written by Dr. Scorpio. Now, if she believed it was in Robin's handwriting, shouldn't she have asked her about it first? Patrick confirmed it was and seemed put off, assuming it was a guest list for a party and he wasn't invited. When he confronted Robin about it, Kelly snapped at him that he already refused his invitation and spilled the true intent of the list.

Giving one small detail at a time, Tracy explained what's been happening in Port Charles since he ran off with Laura, ending on the fact Lulu is head over heels with Scott's son, Logan. Luke was not happy, but when he turned that anger on Tracy she defended herself saying he was her father and if she spent more than ten minutes at a time in town, he could manage her life. In the meantime, Lulu went to visit Logan and tell him she wanted to give him a second chance for reasons that went beyond the deal she made with Scott.

Nikolas continued to brood over what he might have done to Jerry and went to get answers out of him. Jerry was surprised to learn Nikolas really had no memory of the event. In the meantime, Jason did his best to convince Carly she should leave the 'text message killer' investigation to him and Sonny. When she later returned to insist he wasn't going to shut her out, Jason returned with Johnny Z.

The build-up for a cliff-hanging Friday was set in motion; looks like it's going to be a not-to-be-missed episode.

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