Wednesday , April 24 2024
Carly and Jax figure out how the pictures were taken, Nikolas and Emily learn he stabbed Jerry.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Unraveled Mysteries

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Robin tried to suck up her emotional conflicts and work with Patrick, but when she overheard him and Layla making plans for lunch, it hurt her deeply. Later at lunch when Patrick tried to turn the date from food to passion, Layla stopped him, saying she didn't want to be the woman he used to get over Robin. I have to say again, I'm not feeling it with these two, there's absolutely nothing that sizzles on the screen.

After lunch Patrick tracked Robin down for the consult he missed earlier.  When he mentioned Layla's name she came down on him, telling him to quit throwing his new relationship in her face. When she gave him a moment to speak, he explained the patient only spoke Farsi and Layla translated, discovering some history that had changed his mind on the course of treatment. Humiliated, Robin later dumped her emotional turmoil on Kelly and confided she's contemplating the idea of becoming a single mother and forgetting about relationships with men.

While I'd rather see a story where Patrick and Robin work through their differences on paternity, this could be good too. But who will she get to donate the genetic material? Even though she bonded with Jason on the Night Shift, his heart is broken over the child he has and can't see now. Nikolas or Jax, the only other male friends she seems to have, don't seem right to me either. Nikolas has a kid we never see now, and Jax wants his own too much to give one away. Personally, I think Noah would be a good choice. She could get some of the Drake DNA and many of Patrick's characteristics and at the same time it would irritate Drake Jr. to no end.

After a lot of consideration and a good deal of warning from Mike and Spinelli, Lulu decided to accept Scott's deal, and later told a very suspicious Logan she'd like to give him a second chance. When she explains why to him today, we'll see how receptive Logan is to being part of bargain.

After Emily didn't confront Nikolas about the shirt he burned, he engaged her in conversation about it and admitted he came out of one of his blackouts in an alley with a bloody knife in his hand. Meanwhile, Jerry lied to Mack and the new Detective Harper, saying the person who attacked him was a stranger, and gave a description that nowhere near matched one of Nikolas. Both Jax and Detective Harper found his story suspect, the detective observing it was a very accurate description of a stranger.

Amelia's right hand man on Everyday Heroes arrived at Carly's with pictures for her and Jax that had been emailed to the studio, taken of the two of them the day before while they were 'making up.' Upon examination they were able to figure out the photos were taken from Carly's cell phone. Jax returned to the hospital to see what Jerry knew about it, and when he claimed innocence called him on lying to the police earlier. Jerry admitted it was Nikolas who had attacked him.

At the end of the episode, Tracy was finally able to get the massage she had been screaming about, only those hands on her back looked too familiar to be Ramone's. Luke's back!

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