Friday , July 12 2024
Jerry is stabbed and Nikolas is holding the knife.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jerry Stabbed, Nikolas Guilty?

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

When Robin made her appearance on the terrace at the Metro Court, Patrick’s head was most definitely turned. As the two talked and both admitted they missed each other, I had high hopes we’d be seeing a reconciliation of sorts, but then Layla showed up. I suppose he did the right thing by keeping the date he made with the nurse, but I so wanted him to choose to continue talking to Robin over having dinner with Layla. As the two had their dinner, I was struck with the fact the chemistry between them is zero, and I don’t think that’s coming from my favoring Robin and Patrick as a couple.

Back at the hospital, Robin used work to avoid her pain. As she was leaving yet again, Andy invited her for a drink, since she was all dressed up. When Robin questioned him on his brewing relationship with Kelly, Andy painfully admitted that while he would like it to be otherwise, he doubted Kelly would ever be ready to pursue a long-term relationship. Neither knew Kelly was listening as Robin agreed to have a friendly drink with the anesthesiologist. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that Robin agreed to go. While what Andy said about Kelly may be true, it seemed out-of-character for Robin to be going for drinks with someone her friend is interested in. I have a feeling this is being used to give Patrick an eyeful of Robin with someone else, and maybe spark some jealousy.

Logan continued to try and make things right with Lulu, but she continued to deny the emotions that shown plain on her face. Scott took the opportunity of running in to him at Kelly’s to once again try and bridge some sort of kinship with the young man he now knows to be his son, and then later made Lulu a nearly impossible to turn down offer: If she gives Logan a second chance, he will return guardianship of Laura to Nikolas and drop all the kidnapping charges against Luke.

This is a no-brainer. Lulu will do whatever it takes to have her mom and dad back in town, even if Laura is non-responsive and Luke is emotionally unable to parent her. My question is, will Lulu give Logan a sincere second chance, or will she manipulate him and use it as pay-back? When Luke does return home and learns of her relationship with Logan, I think his tune is going to change about interfering in his kids’ lives. There is no way he will accept her dating Scott’s son. Will that further drive her into his arms?

As Jerry is being taken to surgery in critical condition, Emily calls Carly and Jax to apprise them of the situation. At first, Jax refuses to go to the hospital, insisting he has washed his hands of his brother, but Carly knows differently and goes in his place. Just as Jerry begins to wake up after surgery, Jax shows up and tells his brother he is there to help him recover. First step on the road to reconciliation for the Jacks brothers?

While Jax is been treated, Nikolas comes to in an alley with a bloody knife in his hand. As he tries to dispose of the weapon, he is approached by a new face, Detective Harper, who wants to know the details of how he apprehended the prisoner who broke loose in the department earlier. It seems he was the arresting officer, and a new member of the Port Charles police department. It also seems he’s a bit more competent than what we’re use to seeing out of PC’s finest, though he didn’t seem suspicious at all as to why Nikolas Cassadine was hanging out in an alley.

Later at Wyndemere, Nikolas noticed blood on his shirt, which he burned in the fireplace, – but not all of it; Emily found a small piece of the shirt near the fireplace when she returned home. When she calls him on it today, will he admit to having burned it, or feign another blackout?

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