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Jealousy sends Robin to the Metro Court to interrupt Patrick's date with Layla. Spite pushes Liz and Lucky's divorce into a bitter battle.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jealousy and Spite

On Monday's General Hospital:

With Alexis and Diane in the driver's seat, Elizabeth and Lucky's divorce quickly turned into the bitter battle neither wanted. Both of them realized it in separate meetings with their attorneys at the Metro Court, but later when Lucky tried to talk to Elizabeth they couldn't agree on which lawyer should be the one in charge and the slinging of mud began. I suppose it's too easy to find a completely different lawyer, one who's totally neutral. As Nikolas predicted, this is going to get so ugly the two of them will have an extremely hard time coexisting later for the sake of the children.

When Robin chastised Layla over the doctor/nurse relationship, Layla turned it into a battle over Patrick. Even though the good doctor has said over and over she knows she doesn't have a future with Dr. Drake Jr., she's obviously still head over heels in love with him. It's pretty well known this is one of my favorite couples, and I was excited to see her show up at the Metro Court all dolled up, looking to be an interruption to his date with Layla. Yes, it's sneaky and low, but this is Layla she's dealing with. Here's hoping Robin is able to turn his head and his heart on Tuesday's episode.

When Nikolas showed up in the emergency room he (and we) met Nadine, sister to student nurse Jolene Crowell, Night Shift's serial killer. She was there to visit with her still unconscious sister and received nothing but anger and suspicion from both Epiphany and Spinelli. After Nikolas reminds the two it was incredibly unfair to hold Nadine responsible for Jolene's actions, Spinelli softened toward the seemingly kind one.

Spin and Nadine seem to be becoming fast friends. I only hope it doesn't put a detour on what I thought was going to be a budding relationship with Georgie. Though, I have a feeling Spin is going to end up being too involved with solving the serial killer case to have any time for romance.

Kate approached Jax with a proposal for a magazine, which she would edit, geared toward the working woman. It would be filled with style and fashion tips for career women who had to live on a budget. Jax was impressed with the idea but said he would have to consult Carly, who was less than thrilled and reminded Jax she had come up with that same idea at Sonny's Father's Day barbecue. Jax tried to temper Carly's jealousy and convince her to trust him by showering her with affection, both unaware the camera on her cell phone was clicking pictures of them.

So, we're dealing with a high-tech killer and/or stalker who not only sends text messages but remotely accesses the camera feature? It's definitely an odd set-up, but should prove a worthy foe for the Jackal.

As Nadine sat in the ER trying to come to terms with everything Jolene had done, a stabbing patient was brought in by ambulance. When the on-call doctor couldn't be reached, Leo jumped in and asked that nurses be paged. Nadine grabbed some gloves and announced she was an RN. As Leo examined the mystery patient, letting us know he was in grave danger, the camera panned up to show it was Jerry Jacks.

Next scene: Nikolas coming to from one of his blackouts in an alley with a knife in his hand.

This is not the first time we've seen Nikolas come to, looking suspiciously guilty without actually seeing what he's supposed to have done, making me think there's a lot more to this than what we are seeing on the surface. Are some of Nikolas' creepy Cassadine relatives in the background controlling his actions or setting him up? Wouldn't it be something if Jerry and Nikolas actually end up working together to uncover what is wrong?

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