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Ominous warning via text messaging.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Tracing The Text Message Killer

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Alone in the park with Johnny, Carly held her own even though the mob boss’s son was wielding a gun and twitching his eye like a crazy man. After pulling where she was at out of Spinelli, Jax showed up at the park just a few minutes before Johnny’s goon bodyguards who dragged him off. Of course, Carly was angry at Jax because she thought she was just about to get Johnny to admit he killed Leticia. I’m with Jax; there’s no way Johnny was going to admit that, mostly because I’m all but certain he’s not the killer. Way too obvious! I’m looking at someone with a personal motive, not a crime family motive.

Lulu started to soften for Logan when he told her how Scott had reached out to him after finding out they were father and son. Logan was thrown for a total loop by the other's apologetic words. (Don't feel bad; It threw me too.) I almost believed Lulu was going to forgive him, until Johnny showed up in the hotel lobby and started flirting with her, sending Logan into a near rage before Trevor arrived and whisked Johnny away to the restaurant. Later, Logan followed Lulu to the park where he begged her to stay away from Johnny, who has perfect timing and showed up waving his gun around again.

Like I've said over and over, I don't believe this is the serial killer or mob killer or whatever they're going to call it. And if by chance they're going to make it so straight-forward, they screwed up, because he was very busy when Sonny got another text from the killer.

Poor Sonny, nothing kills the romantic mood like a text saying 'Your nanny was only the first'. After encouraging Sonny to go to the police (Like that was ever going to happen), Kate went home so Sonny could get Spinelli to trace the text, even though Spinelli has told him over and over again who ever is sending them is 'piggy backing' the signal to make them appear to be coming from someone else.

Nikolas opened up to Emily about his blackouts, and she arranged a full battery of tests for the next day before the two went to the Metro Court for dinner. Afterwards, they ran into Scott, who is now out to win the favor of his son, and told Nikolas he would be by to arrest him the next day for attacking Logan. When Scott tried to engage him, Emily saw the flash in Nikolas' eyes and stepped in slapping Scott to keep Nikolas from attacking him.

So, I guess it will be Emily going to jail?

Night Shift Preview:

The preview clip says it best. It's been a season of suspense, surprises, and broken hearts. Make sure you catch the final episode of the first season ofGeneral Hospital: Night Shift on Soapnet, Thursday at 11:00 pm.

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