Monday , May 20 2024
Nikolas rages out of control. Carly plans to meet with Johnny Z.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nikolas Rages, Carly Schemes

On Monday's General Hospital:

So, there's no doubt about it now. Nikolas is completely and totally over the edge. I can't blame him for lashing out at Lucky, though. I'm about ready to shake the man myself.  Nikolas is right; you asked for this divorce, Lucky, quit whining about it. I will say though, it is good to see him showing a bit of spine and hiring his own lawyer instead of just rolling over for Liz and letting Jason's lawyer strip him of his custody rights. Remember, he doesn't know Jake isn't his – yet.

The way Liz and Lucky are bitterly going at this divorce, I have a feeling he's going to find out by Liz just screaming it at him coldly while they are arguing over who slept with who and why. Even if all their problems can be traced back to Lucky's pill addiction and sleazy romps with Maxie, the man deserves better than that.

When Trevor came to Sonny's office to gloat about getting Kate fired, it was Diane who went off on him and vowed to see him disbarred. This was mere moments after telling Sonny he couldn't use the law to do his bidding. Give a point to the self-sufficient, strong woman who stands up to the men who get under her skin and actually has the power to do as she says. She gets a second point for laying it on the line and calling Sonny a self-absorbed ape before going to Kate and offering to sue the magazine for firing her without reason.

Kate refused, saying if she dragged it out, she would be marked as a troublemaker and wouldn't be able to get a job with any magazine. She also gave Diane a sketch of the designer gown she owes her for earlier legal help and told her if the designer returned her calls she would have it soon, nearly brining the high-powered lawyer to tears.

After giving Lulu yet another heartfelt speech on dangerous guys, Carly continued to play her stupid, hazardous game of texting Johnny Z while posing as Lulu. Just as she made arrangements to meet the psycho son of the mobster, Spinelli, who was monitoring Johnny's phone activity, was able to determine the messages were coming from Carly's phone.

No doubt Carly is getting in over her head with Johnny, and I bet we see Jason ride to her rescue today.

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

When Lulu showed up at Kelly's for work, Logan was there to try and talk to her again. Instead of giving him the time of day, however, she turned to Maxie and thanked her for showing her who Logan really was and saving her from potentially even more heartbreak. After Logan left, vowing to never give up on Lulu, the two young women continued to fight. Lulu called Maxie a skanky ho, Maxie called Lulu self-righteous and pathetic. You know, same ol', same ol'.

But when Scott called the diner looking for Logan, saying he needed to talk to him, it was obvious she still cares for him. After telling Scott she would try and find him, she showed up at the hotel just in time to see the two sitting down with the results of the paternity test.

Someone get Scott a cigar; it's a boy, albeit a nearly grown, surly, and damaged boy. But hey, Scott should be able to relate pretty well. We've already seen them begin to bond over the last week or two and I can't wait to see how the relationship changes when they know for sure they're father and son. And if by chance I'm wrong and the test says they are not, then boy, did the writers miss out a golden opportunity with these two.

Carly was in a hurry to get over to the park and meet up with psycho Johnny Z, but was stalled by Tracy, who showed up with Alan's ghost. Tracy wanted Carly to talk Lulu into moving out of Jason's and back into the Quartermaines. Carly accused her of just wanting Lulu there so Luke would come home to her. While I think that's part of it, I do think she really cares about the teen and truly believes she's in danger at Jason's. Lulu's singing the 'I'm an adult' song, though and I don't expect her to go back to the Qs, not even when her daddy does come home. (Tony Geary returns next week, and I'm excited to see his reaction when he finds out Scott's son stomped on his daughter's heart.)

Jax came home, and gave Carly the out she needed. When Jax asked where she was headed, she lied (of course) saying she had an appointment with Dr. Lee. He figured out she didn't about the same time Spinelli, with Georgie's help, figured out Carly had been texting Johnny and was on her way to meet him in the park. Instead of standing around in Jason's apartment trying to decide who's going to be the one to save her, one of them should be heading over, though. Johnny has a gun and he's none too pleased about being tricked.

Nikolas turned his rage on Emily for asking Jax to talk to Jerry about the poison, believing like he did it might be the cause for his rages. He later tracked her down at the hospital and told her remembered nothing after talking to her in the hotel lobby until he 'came to' in front of the waterfront warehouses. He also confided it's been happening rather regularly since the night Leticia was killed.

Sonny offered Kate a shoulder to lean on, which led straight to his bedroom and a romp between the sheets. Trevor may have taken away her career, but it seems like he's also showed just who she can count on.

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