Friday , March 1 2024
Lucky hires Alexis to represent him in the divorce; Kate is fired from Courtier.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Legal Twists

On Friday's General Hospital:

The more Lucky thought about Diane, Jason's lawyer, handling his divorce from Liz, the more upset he got. When he ran into Alexis at the police station, he asked her to look over the paperwork to ease his mind. Unfortunately, Alexis was unsettled by the paperwork too, saying that while Liz was giving him liberal visitation with Jake, he was really left with no paternal rights in the agreement. Alexis agreed to represent Lucky, and later bumped heads with Diane over who should be handling the divorce. When Lucky told Liz he had hired Alexis, she raised concerns of her own.

Yeah, I imagine Liz is a little upset about Alexis getting involved; her daughter Sam is a major factor in her marriage coming to an end. It's not different than how Diane makes Jason involved however, and Liz should view it as a dose of her own medicine, though I don't believe Lucky meant it that way. Despite how uncomfortable the lawyer choices are for Liz and Lucky, Alexis and Diane on opposite sides of the courtroom should make for edge-of-our-seat viewing.

Kate's first day of community service was far from what she imagined it would be, as Epiphany made sure she got a reality check and some of the most unwanted jobs an orderly has to endure. Kate hung in there like a real trooper though, which makes her even more endearing to me. When she returned to the hotel after working her shift, she was met with Trevor, who served her with her dismissal papers from Courtier Magazine for violating the morality clause in her contract.

Yeah, Kate had a really bad day. I wonder if Sonny is going to be able to fix this one.

Carly dropped in at the penthouse to talk to Lulu about her fascination with bad boys. While there, she learned that Lulu has been texting Johnny Z and that Jason suspects he might have been involved in Leticia's death. After creating a diversion, Carly retrieved Johnny's contact information from Lulu's phone and made contact with Johnny at episode's end.

Logan saw Nikolas at the Metro Court and decided to try once again to talk to the man about what happened with Lulu. Unfortunately for him, Nikolas flew into another blind rage and pounded the guy. Later, after Alfred received a phone call from the Metro Court about the incident he asked Nikolas about it. Nikolas admitted he remembered Logan approaching him in the hotel lobby and then the next thing he remembered was being on the launch returning to Wyndemere.

Robin ran blood tests, maybe this week we'll get some answers to Nikolas' mysterious condition.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Carly arranges a meeting with Johnny Z
  • Sonny asks Jax to help Kate get her job at Courtier back.
  • Sonny receives another text message from the killer
  • Look for next Friday's episode to be the beginning of the integration of Night Shift back into the daytime show. The characters of Cody and Nadine (Jolene's sister) are scheduled to be on that day. Layla, Dr. Andy Archer, and Dr. Leo Julian are also said to have a new home on GH until the launch of season two of Night Shift, which is being slated for next summer.
  • The following week we meet two new characters, Detective Harper and Anthony Zaccharra. Tony Geary also returns as Luke Spencer.

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