Tuesday , December 5 2023
Lulu manipulates Spin and flirts with danger. Nikolas realizes something is wrong.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Johnny Stirs Up Trouble

On Wednesday’s General Hospital:

When Carly learned of Jax’s plans and threats against Zaccharra, she was quite impressed with her husband’s ingenuity. Later, she blew up at Sonny when she learned he had the boys picked up at school and taken to his house. She tried to convince her ex that her husband had things under control, but he insisted Jax was out of his league. For once, Jerry sees eye to eye with the mobster, also telling his brother his little plan would not hold the threat at bay for long.

It’s about time Carly put real faith in Jax and told Sonny she was standing by her husband, instead of explaining to Jax why they had to let Sonny and Jason be their protectors. Now, I realize getting Sonny to actually listen is going to be the hard part. He’s not going to give up so easy. The thing is I’m not sure he should.

Together, Liz and Lucky broke the news to Cameron they were divorcing. When Emily showed up to help her pack, it was the first time since this whole thing began that Liz showed even a little bit of emotion. Even though she said she was sad to see her marriage break up and once again affirmed her plans to raise her children on her own, I’m guessing this will only last until Jason changes his mind and decides he can protect her boys.

When Jerry stopped by Wyndemere to visit Alexis, Nikolas had another of his fits, lashing out and physically attacking him. Alfred tried to separate the two, but when Alexis showed up and questioned what happened, the servant defended Nikolas. After another argument with his aunt, Nikolas asked Alfred if he was lying when he told Alexis that Jerry had attacked him first (Another black-out!) and he replied he had. At least it seems like Nikolas is beginning to realize something is wrong.

When Spinelli found out Lulu’s been receiving text messages from Johnny Z, she used (and abused) his devotion saying if he told Jason she would move out. Later, when Jason told him to access the records of Anthony and all his family to try and link the text message to Sonny back to them, he refused, knowing the texts would show up on Johnny’s records. When Jason pressed, Lulu came clean.

While I’m glad they are keeping Lulu and Spin friends instead of pursuing a relationship, which would be the kiss of death to their chemistry, I don’t like seeing Lulu manipulating him. She’s not Maxie for crying out loud and I was so glad to hear Jason tell her as much. Now, if Spin would only open his eyes to Georgie…

After a show of support from Sonny, Kate stood up to Trevor and her hearing proceeded. As the episode came to a close, it didn’t look good or the fashion mogul.

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