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Nasty threats in the form of text messages.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Text Threats

On Monday's General Hospital:

I hate it when there are inconsistencies in the script, I really do. Alexis hung up the phone with Jerry saying she would meet him at the Metro Court soon. At the same time there is someone stalking Jax and Carly on the island – Jerry Jacks.

Jerry showed himself to Jax and Carly, interrupting their kiss by holding them at gunpoint. He was trying to prove to them Sonny's island isn't safe, and they should go further away, but neither was too keen on taking any help from Jerry, and both were rightfully suspicious of his motives. After a long talk, Jax and Carly decided to take the boys and go home, despite everyone's warnings that it isn’t safe.

Alexis continued to question Nikolas over his violent behavior and was met with cold detachment. He insisted that Alexis was over-dramatizing the situation and that he never threw a glass at her. This is a second reference to him having blackout moments he doesn't remember. Later when Emily questioned him about this and the incident with Logan, he turned his volatile anger at her.

Sonny was convinced the threatening message came from Zaccharra. Despite Kate's suggestion he involve the police, he refused. Instead he shocked me and enlisted Spinelli's help to trace the text from the private number. Spin's got to feel good about finally getting a chance to prove his cyber-skills to Sonny, though it seems to be a near-impossible and daunting task.

Tracy and Edward showed up at Jason's to drag Lulu back to the estate. I'm not quite sure why Edward is so concerned, but Tracy made it clear that when Luke returned he would find his daughter safe and sound and living under her roof. Lulu refused, as she had with her brother Lucky, and insisted she was staying at Jason's for the time being.

Jason had a heart-to-heart with Liz in the abandoned barn. Not only did he confess to her everyone who knows Jake is his, including Sam, Sonny, Diane, Lulu, and Spin, but confessed his love for her. After a tender kiss, she turned and left. The danger involved in being a part of his life still very much in the forefront of her mind. Later her and Robin talked about what a good friend and potential parent Jason was and fretted about the danger in his life.

Am I the only one who is wondering if Robin isn't going to hit Jason up for a donation to make her a mother? Knowing the pain he is in from being separated from Jake, I can't see him accommodating her, however.

Lucky was shattered by Lulu's refusal to live with him and the reason she gave – his marriage was falling apart and she didn't want a front row seat. Later, when Emily dropped by the house with some clothes for Jake, he asked her for her opinion on his marriage. At episode's end, Lucky told Liz he thought it was time to file for divorce.

Ric followed Trevor to the abandoned barn and overheard a phone conversation with Anthony Zaccharra. He confronted his father and Trevor warned that if Ric got too deeply involved he wouldn't be able to save his life.

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Logan called and convinced Lulu to meet with him so he could explain about the bet he had made with Maxie. When she arrived at Kelly's, she found Logan, Maxie, and Cooper arguing and tried to leave without talking to Logan, but he insisted. No matter how he tried to explain that he had made the deal before he had fallen in love with her, Lulu insisted if he cared at all about her, he never would have slept with the other woman.

Inside the diner, Cooper continued to come down hard on Maxie, telling her it would serve her right if Logan and Lulu worked things out and she was the only one hurt by her scheming. All the while, Lulu hid the fact she was receiving text messages from Johnny Z.

I'm totally and completely with Coop on this one. Maxie needs to grow up and quit conniving and sleeping around. Of course when you take into consideration that Sam is her new best buddy, it sort of makes sense.

It seems like they are making a big deal out of all these text messages. Sonny got his warning via text and Lulu is now getting a slew of texts from Johnny. Does this mean it was Johnny who killed Leticia? I think that would be too easy. My number one suspect is actually much closer to home.

After a heartfelt discussion Lucky and Elizabeth decided to call it quits. Lucky went to Nikolas' house where he collapsed in his brother's arms. Liz, on the other hand, was taking it in stride and simply went about the business of packing up her and the boys' things and calling Diane to handle the paperwork. Sort of tacky if you ask me. Yes, I get that for her it's been over for a long time, but it still seems like she should feel some sort of loss.

When Carly returned home with the boys, Jason was waiting and insisted she take them to Sonny's house. She refused and told him she believed Jax would protect her. It's good to see Carly putting her faith in her husband; I'm just not so sure in this instance it is where it should be. After his meeting with security personal at the hotel, Jax met with Trevor and gave a message to be delivered to Anthony Z: Stay away from Carly and the kids or he would take him down in the business world. Very sneaky, I'm just not sure it's very smart.

Emily continued to pressure Nikolas about his emotional outbursts. Sort of reminded me of when she coaxed Sonny to admit his bi-polar disorder. It's sort of funny her mind isn't wondering if Nikolas is suffering from something similar seeing as he's displaying up and down emotions. Skye propositioned Ric for help saying she would rather have him as a friend than an enemy.

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