Tuesday , February 27 2024
Kate is arrested for drunk driving. Jason and Spinelli arrive to save Lulu.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Kate Charged With Drunk Driving

Thursday's General Hospital:

In their quest to find Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas showed up at Kelly's to question Logan and Maxie. Lucky accused the girl of hurting Lulu to get back at him for his actions the previous summer. Of course, Maxie did what she does best and shifted the blame to Logan. Convinced the pair knew nothing, Lucky left to find someone who did. Nikolas stayed behind and proceeded to try and strangle Logan – literally. Somehow Georgie managed to pull them apart.

I, for one, am getting the point. Something is seriously off with Nikolas. He's having outbursts of rage, seemingly blacking out and waking up in surroundings he's unfamiliar with. Enough with the set-up already, I want him to start questioning why and to get into the heart of this. Is it possible we might be getting a medical story?

Ric showed up at the hospital to inform Kate an arrest warrant had been issued and officers would be by to arrest her soon. Sonny tried leveling with Ric (he should know better by now) and told him they suspect Trevor had drugged her to ruin her career. Something must have got through though, because Ric did confront Trevor later, asking if he was trying to sink his ex-mistress.

Trevor all but admitted it and manipulated the situation for Ric. He told his son the only one who would benefit if he didn't throw the book at Kate was his much maligned brother. Boy, Trevor knows just what buttons to push, doesn't he? He obviously knows what buttons to push with Sam as well. After Amelia shot down his idea of Everyday Heroes doing a story on Kate's downfall, Sam insisted to both Amelia and Trevor that they would cover the story. It's hard to tell if Sam is making Trevor happy because Jerry insisted she do so or if it's what she wants.

At the hospital Diane asked Epiphany, Liz, and Emily to help her and the police get Kate out of the hospital without the press's knowledge. The three agreed and created a diversion so their view would be obscured. At the station, Diane told Kate the best she could hope for was a plea deal, but she doubted Ric would go for it. Sonny tried to convince Ric to deal with Diane, but he appeared to be buckling to his father's pressure and refused. If — and that is a huge if — Kate is able to get away from this without any jail time it's not going to be at the cost of her career.

Jason tried to do the right thing and take the information on the car Lulu got into to Lucky, who outright refused to accept it and accused Jason of trying to get the police to locate his mob rival for him. When he returned to the coffee shop he found Logan taking out his frustrations on Spin with physical violence (of course) and threw him out. The two then followed a lead, which took them to the car and then to a barn. At episode's end, Jason and Johnny Z had each other at gunpoint.

How much you want to bet Jason saves the day yet again? The question is will the perceived failure drive Lucky right back into Sam's arms? It is the only place he seems to feel worthy anymore.

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