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Fair Lulu is missing. Will it be Lucky or Jason who finds her first?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lulu Kidnapped

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Did you hear me scream on Tuesday? I told you I would if Lucky and Elizabeth decided to continue to work on their marriage. Don't get me wrong. I applaud the stick-to-it attitude and the desire to salvage their relationship, but after Liz refused to get jealous over him sleeping with Sam and then pretty much admitted she'd be in Jason's arms if his line of work wasn't so dangerous, how can Lucky stay and still maintain one ounce of self-respect?

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe Lucky just doesn't have a sense of self-worth any more. I couldn't say as I'd blame him the way Liz spent most of the last year running him down. I'm just so sick of this snail's pace storyline. I wish the writers would get to the heart of it and bring the paternity secret out into the open. That should move things along.

Just as Logan and Lulu were settling in to enjoy their first night of living together, Maxie showed up and blew everything apart. As Lulu was trying to kick her to the curb, she spilled all the gory details about the bet and the payoff. Lulu, of course, was devastated and ran off. Logan gave Maxie an earful about how she was a lonely, bitter person who was going to stay that way and ran off trying to find Lulu to explain. Good luck to all who are trying to find her, as in her despair Lulu started hitchhiking and got into a shiny, yellow car with a young man.

Maxie and Sam ended up together sharing the afterglow of their victories. Funny neither seemed all that happy about accomplishing what they set up to do. Were there ever two women more destined to be best friends?

After Sonny accused Trevor of being the one to drug Kate, she spilled all. She told Sonny how he threatened to put an end to her career if she didn't stop seeing him, and then stood up to Trevor saying he may have opened doors, but she got where she was on her own talents. After leaving the hospital room, he took a phone call and was even more upset to hear Zacchara's son Johnny was on his way to Port Charles. How much you want to bet that's whose car Lulu jumped in?

I don't think Sonny, who is used to being able to fix things for those around him, is going to have the same success with Kate's problems.  He is not plugged into the publishing world the way Trevor seems to be, and the DA who's going to be handling the drunk driving charge is the brother who hates him. Will losing everything she's worked for drive Kate to Sonny or cause her to push him away?

In a quite moment back at Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas tried to relax as they wished Emily and Lucky could just be as happy together as they were. After Emily went up to bed, however, Nikolas took a phone call which sent him into yet another rage.

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Jax and Alexis had a nice little heart to heart in the lobby of the Metro Court. The topic of choice was, of course, Sonny and the danger he puts those around him in. Alexis encouraged Jax to go get Carly and the boys and run as far away from Sonny as they could get. When Jax suggested the same for Alexis and her girls, she hesitated. First she said Ric would never allow her to take Molly away and then followed with the fact she had no real desire to separate her daughters from their fathers.

The rest of the episode revolved around the missing Lulu. First, before they knew she was missing, the Quartermaines called Scott over and all but ordered him to arrest Lulu and then have her released to their custody, something Scott was not that inclined to do. The hilarity that ensued over whether or not Logan was his son was only topped when he agreed to help them just because it would piss off Luke.

How sad is it that Stuart Damon sees more air time as a ghost than he did when Alan Quartermaine still lived and breathed? The good part is this character is just so fun to watch, the interactions with Jane Elliot (Tracy) are superb. Other characters seem to be mindlessly responding to what he says; makes me wonder if his haunting is going to spread.

Milo stopped by the penthouse to get some paperwork from Spinelli, who took the opportunity to tell the other about how Logan had hurt Lulu. Together they went to Logan's apartment to try and find out if the 'unworthy one' had any information on Lulu's whereabouts. Milo did more talking with his fists than his mouth though, and Logan was left with both his heartache and the physical pain.

This was, of course, when Scott decided to show up. I expected to see him go off on Logan for hurting Laura's daughter, but instead he was quite sympathetic and supportive. When Logan did chose to spill his heart ever-so-slightly, Scott said he genuinely understood. The similarities between Kin Shriner and Josh Duhon are uncanny and there is no way that DNA test is going to say anything other than these two are father and son.

In his quest to help Spinelli find Lulu, Jason went by Liz and Lucky's to ask him if he had seen or talked to the girl. Lucky accused him of using it as an excuse to see Liz, but then stormed off to police headquarters to begin a search for his sister. When Nikolas showed up later and called him on turning Lulu's disappearance into yet another attempt to beat out Jason, Lucky denied it. He said Sam had taught him that he was still a good man, who had value, and he was trying to find his sister to help his sister.

Normally I'd say it was all a line of crap, but I think Lucky has a point here. He's spent more than a year of Liz not letting him forget the mistakes he's made, and I can see how Sam treating him like he was special would make him feel good. I just don't like the pairing myself and hope it fizzles out soon and Lucky finds some one else to make him feel good.

As Spinelli pointed out to Jason, however, the PCPD is about as inept as they come, so the two sat down with a mission to figure out where Lulu went. By tapping into area security cameras, and then running the tag of the car they saw her get into, they found out at episode's end she is with Johnny Zaccharra.

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