Friday , December 1 2023
A drugged Kate crashes her car. Sonny, Jax, and Jason debate who is at fault.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Kate Crashes

On Monday's General Hospital:

Sonny and Jason are on the cusp of what is becoming the biggest threat to their organization ever. Sonny has been drowning himself in the booze and, judging by his actions on Monday's episode, is totally off his medication for his bipolar disorder.

While Jerry tried to warn him Kate was most likely drugged and behind the wheel of her car, Sonny held him at gunpoint and first accused him of being the one to drug her and then started going through the laundry list of reason why he should shoot him. Don't get me wrong, Jerry deserves all the anger and venom he received from Sonny, Jason and even his brother Jax, but if Sonny doesn't get it together soon he might really have to become a coffee importer to make a living, that is if he's not dead.

Thank goodness Jax was there when Kate did crash. He was able to call for help, talk to her while they waited for the ambulance, and call Sonny to come to her side, inadvertently saving his brother's life.

When Robin got the page she was needed at the hospital because Kate had been brought in with a head injury, Jason offered her a ride on his motorcycle. This was following their heart-to-heart over coffee. Now, I was on hiatus from GH the first time Jason and Robin were together, but I could really see the chemistry there. If I can't have Robin and Patrick together, I think I would rather see Jason with her than Liz. Of course, when the two arrived at the hospital, Patrick turned about ten different shades of green and accused her of dragging Jason out for the sole purpose of trying to make him jealous. Hmmm… sort of like him being all about Layla?

Meanwhile, finding out that Kate's blood alcohol was well over the legal limit even though she insisted she hadn't had a drink, Jax and Sonny debated whether their main suspect should be Trevor or Jerry. As bad as Jerry is, I'm ruling him out on this one. If he had drugged Kate, he wouldn't have gone running to Sonny to try and save her. He would have let her crash and then gloated about how he got away with it. After giving Jason an earful for questioning his orders to kill Trevor, Sonny went to Kate's side. Moments later Trevor arrived declaring he was the only one who could get Kate out of the mess she had got herself into this time. To me, that action alone makes him look like the guilty party, but that seems too easy. I think something (or someone) else is lurking about. Ric maybe?

After enduring another afternoon of Spinelli gushing about Lulu, Georgie went to Logan's apartment to try and convince him to leave Lulu be. What she found was that she had already moved into his apartment. She delivered the bad news to Spinelli, but added when Maxie got home, she thought Lulu would be quickly moving back out. Yeah, that's what I’m thinking too.

Since a good portion of the episode was devoted to it, I supposed I should at least mention that Sam finally got Lucky into her hot tub where they proceeded to get it on, or take it all off as the case may be. Of course, because Nikolas went to Emily and told her he just left his brother at Sam's she was also sure she knew what was going on. So help me, if he comes home and tells her he wants to work on their marriage I'm going to scream. Newsflash: Lucky and Liz, your marriage is over. Move on.

Liz confided to Emily that while she'll always care for Lucky, the love they once shared is gone. Somehow, that translated in Emily's mind to I love Jason, Jake is his baby, and I want a life with him, which is exactly what she ran off to tell Jason. If Jason goes and sweeps Liz into his arms is what we'll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out.

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