Monday , December 4 2023
Kate calls it quits with Sonny. Lucky turns to Sam when Liz shuts him out.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Kate Ends It With Sonny

On Friday's General Hospital:

Unwilling to sacrifice her career for Sonny, Kate bowed down to Trevor's threats and told Sonny she had let her work suffer and had to put a halt to their relationship. When he called her out, asking if Trevor was threatening her, she denied it. After Trevor left, she went and told Sonny the partial truth — advertisers had pulled out of the magazine and her job was in danger, omitting what Sonny could surmise, that Trevor had caused it.

Furious, Sonny told Jason he wanted Trevor dead. When Jason tried to talk him out of it, pointing out both that he was letting his emotions interfere with business and killing Trevor could get them into a mob war they were ill-equipped to win, Sonny would not be deterred. He insisted Jason execute the hit. Against his better judgment, he agreed to start making the arrangements.

I think Jason is right on the money here. Zaccharra and his crew are no match for Sonny's little organization and I think if he continues to act without thinking it will be Sonny's family and friends who pay the price.

Lulu and Logan fled the Quartermaine house, but once they were alone in Logan's apartment Lulu began to regret blurting out she would just move in with Logan. He eased her fears, assuring her he wanted her in the apartment, but adjusting to each other still came hard.

So Maxie can't be all that far away. I see her dropping in at any moment to let Lulu know she slept with Logan. However, I think these two have too much chemistry to be apart for long, and in the end it will probably be Maxie who loses the most.

After having a medical disagreement with Patrick at the hospital, Robin took refuge at Sonny's coffee shop where she ran into Jason. As usual, Jason lent a shoulder and an ear as Robin poured her heart out about her break-up with Patrick. As much as I want to say I think this is a short-term breakup for my favorite couple, I don't think that is what we're looking at. I have a feeling something major is going to have to happen to one of these two before we see them back together.

Fresh from another fight with Liz, Lucky ran to Sam's. When he found Nikolas was there asking Sam to stop his pursuit of him, Lucky finally gave way to temptation and joined Sam in her hot tub. Way to go, Lucky, I think you just put the final nail in the coffin that is your marriage.

After snooping around at Kate's, Jerry went to Sonny and told him he feared Kate was in trouble. Sonny was more intent on pulling a gun on Jerry than listening to what he had to say. Meanwhile, Kate was behind the wheel of her car, presumably following Trevor's orders and heading back to Manhattan when she began to fall asleep at the wheel.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Neither Lucky nor Sam regrets doing the deed. Will Sam call up Jason and give him a full report? Will Lucky change his mind when he gets home to his wife? Jason and Liz will find themselves trapped together this week (of course). Will this lead to them being together again?
  • After getting details of Logan and Maxie's bet from the horse's mouth, Lulu takes off, accepting a ride from a stranger. She soon learns the stranger is Johnny Zaccharra, son of the mob boss everyone in town is running scared from.
  • Kate denies drinking, even though her blood alcohol level is found to be high.
  • Scott supports Logan, who feels like he lost the one good thing in his life. I wonder if this means the paternity tests are going to come back proving them father and son.

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