Wednesday , December 6 2023
Liz and Lucky's love life fizzles, Robin and Patrick call it quits.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Zaccharra’s Threat Still Felt, Patrick and Robin Call it Quits

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Under orders from Jerry, Sam turned on the charm with Trevor. Dressed in her 'trolling for men' collection, she appealed to what seems to drive them all – sex. With fluttering puppy dog eyes she said she would do 'absolutely anything' if he could assure that his granddaughter Molly and her sister Kristina would be safe from Zaccharra.

But it wasn't just Trevor she was intent on manipulating. Once she was done with him, she called Jason and acted as though she feared for her life. Of course, with Leticia's murder fresh on his mind, he dropped everything and ran over. When he arrived, Sam showed him her new hot tub and told him how she plans to seduce Lucky in it.

Sam has really become quite the desperate train wreck as of late. I can understand being afraid of Jerry, and maybe feeling like she has no choice but to do what he asks; he's a scary guy. But this manipulation of Lucky and flaunting it in front of Jason just demonstrates a desperation I really don't care to watch. I kept waiting for Jason to tell her to grow up. Someone needs to.

When Jerry followed Alexis out to Wyndemere to talk about the situation with Zaccharra, Nikolas lunged across the room at him and put a knife to his throat. Some have suggested it's his true Cassadine colors coming out, but Emily, Alexis, and Alfred seem sincerely worried and I hope there is more to this story than he's becoming a dark prince.

Tracy finally figured out a way to get out of Shadybrook – sabotage ELQ. With profits at an all time low, Edward had no choice but to sign the release papers, after he got Scott to promise not to have her charged in Laura's kidnapping. Tracy appealed to Scott's desire to protect Lulu and they both headed to Logan's apartment to put an end to their relationship – for Lulu's good.

It's always good to see the veterans; I've certainly missed the witty banter between Tracy and Alan's ghost and Scott always gives some grit to the scenes he plays in.

After questioning how her relationship with Patrick stood after the pregnancy scare and the situation between Noah and Anna, Robin came back to Patrick's apartment to find him with Layla. It didn't matter that she came over for help with her nursing school tests, Robin saw it as yet another attempt from Layla to move in on her man.

Augh! I have a sinking feeling in my gut where this is going.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

So, one week to the day from when Robin and Patrick split up on Night Shift, they mutually agreed to call it quits during the day as well. I know I shouldn't, but I blame Layla. Yes, they only used her as a catalyst to bring them back to the 'baby' issue and make it about that. Layla hasn't been shown as such an interference while the sun is up, but as much as the writers insist the two shows are alternate universes, it's nearly impossible for me to not bring my emotions back and forth between them.

I found it peculiar that Robin brought up Nikolas and Jason when trying to get him to see how she feels about Layla. She hasn't talked to Nikolas in months and her interaction with Jason has been constricted to the Night Shift universe. Makes me wonder if they are prepping the daytime stories to bring those from the Night Shift in when the first season ends in four weeks.

Jason talks to Kate to gain more information about Trevor hoping to establish ties to Zaccharra and gain some insight. When Jason tried to discuss what he learned with Sonny, however, he ordered Jason to dispose of Trevor. Jason argued, saying what I suggested earlier this week, that this big bad guy might be someone they want to avoid getting in a war with. In the meantime, as a lesson to Kate for not choosing sides, Trevor convinced one of Courtiers' advertisers to drop from the magazine.

Back at the Quartermaines' the whole crew tried to demonstrate to Lulu how bad Logan would be for her. In a delightful walk down memory lane, all the Quartermaines' out-of-wedlock children were brought up – all the way back to Jimmy Lee Holt. After watching today's scenes all I can ask is why don't we see more of the veteran actors/actresses? They certainly know how to deliver the scenes.

At episode's end, Lucky set the stage for a romantic evening with Liz, who once again rebuffed his advances. Will he go running to Sam and not hold back this time?

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