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Is anyone safe from Zaccharra?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Danger Looms

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

At Kelly's, Maxie tried to turn on the charm and win Cooper back with a series of manipulations and half truths, which he now seems immune to. It didn't help that she couldn't keep her eyes off Logan and Lulu who were reconnecting now that Lulu is back from her cruise with her grandma. Also watching from the counter was Spinelli who continued to give Georgie an earful about how much he would love to show Lulu what Logan is capable of. Georgie had her own advice for him: stop pining for someone who doesn't return your feelings and find someone who loves you for you.

No, not too obvious, Georgie! It's cute though, and I am enjoying watching her tumble head over heels for Spin. They are both quirky and uber-intelligent and I'd like to see him take at least a more than casual notice in her.

Sonny and Jax continued to bicker and fight over Carly and the boys the way men do when they are acting adolescent. Jax was completely justified in the fact that he's her husband now and he should be the one to care for his family. Sonny also has a point that Zaccharra is not in any way the sort of guy Jax is used to going up against. I don't think he's the kind of guy Sonny is used to going up against, which is making this mob war story slightly more interesting to watch than past ones. I'm really feeling the fear that is washing over just about everyone in Port Charles, whereas Lorenzo was always treated more like an annoyance than a real threat. I suppose it's too much to ask for these two guys to work together to protect those they love.

Hard as he tried not to be, Lucky was moved and affected by Sam's bikini-clad presence in her hot tub. She not so subtly turned up the heat as she insisted he should be protecting his family instead of her. After leaving her, he went home and had another heart to heart with Liz but when he tried to turn things toward romance, Liz pulled away saying she wasn't ready yet.

This can't be good. Sam's got her seduction game in high gear and Liz is shutting Lucky out at home. I bet Lucky doesn’t last the week before he and Sam are splashing around that hot tub together.

For someone who has been trying very hard not to get caught in the middle between Trevor and Sonny, that is exactly where Kate has found herself. Trevor told her that he's being maligned by Sonny and painted as someone he most certainly is not, though he did admit to her he was Zaccharra's attorney. Later, when Kate offered to do anything she could to help Sonny out in this time of need, he asked if she would be willing to get information against Trevor. My only hope is being in the middle doesn't cause her to end up dead. She's a real match for Sonny and I'd hate to see that chemistry lost or the extreme spiral downward Sonny would take if another woman he loved lost her life over the mob violence.

Sam refused Nikolas' offer to move in to Wyndemere for the duration of the threat, but Alexis decided to take him up on it, bringing Kristina and Molly to the estate for their own protection.

In the final moments of the episode, Jerry told Trevor to give his boss a message. He said if anything happens to his brother or his brother's family it would be Trevor who would pay with his life… oh yeah, it's heating up. Jerry is probably the only one on the landscape right now who really knows what it's like to go up against Zaccharra.

Cast News and Gossip!

  • Kristen Storms (Maxie) was arrested over the weekend for a DUI. She was initially pulled over for throwing a lit cigarette out of the window of her Mercedes-Benz CLK500. From there, the officers could smell alcohol and proceeded with a sobriety test. After being held for several hours, she was released on a $5,000 bond.
  • For those of you who enjoyed the Noah Drake/Anna Devane/Eli Love story this summer, the word is Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) and Finola Hughes have both agreed to continue the romantic storyline in another arc this fall, where Noah will be having a difficult time fitting back into his normal life as a neurosurgeon. Rumors also abound that Tristan Rogers will reprise his role as Robert Scorpio for the arc.
  • It is also being reported that we will see a second season of the Soapnet spin-off Night Shift, but it will have to wait until next summer. The only way actors/actresses can manage the dual roles is when the shooting schedule for GH drops to four days a week for the summer months, leaving Friday available for the taping of Night Shift.

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