Tuesday , November 28 2023
Port Charles residents worry about their own safety after Leticia is found murdered.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nanny Leticia Murdered

On Monday's General Hospital:

Jason and Carly tried to save Leticia, but they were too late and Mac, Cruz, and the rest of the Port Charles PD rushed in to investigate the murder. After initial questioning, Mac allowed Jason to take Carly to Sonny's so she could tell him and the boys about what had happened, but only if he returned to answer more questions. When Lucky arrived on the scene he was angered to find out Jason had been allowed to leave, asking why a known criminal was always given special treatment.

When Jason returned and after he was questioned further, Mac asked if there was anyone he felt should be given protection and after a brief pause said no. Lucky exploded on him, asking, "What about Sam?" My guess is Jason was too concerned about Liz and Jake to even give a thought to Sam  and the only reason he didn't mention it was Lucky was standing right there and he was trying to avoid such outbursts from him.

When Carly arrived at Sonny's he could immediately tell something was wrong and asked Kate to take the boys upstairs. Carly filled him in on what had happened and I was rather surprised, and a bit appalled, that his first response was to the effect of 'this is a message.' Aside from overstating the obvious, it would seem to me if someone learned the person they've entrusted their children to for ten years was just violently murdered there would be more of an emotional response about that person or even fear the children could be next.

Even more surprising, however, was Michael's reaction. After Morgan was sent from the room with the generic explanation of Leticia died and went to heaven, Michael asked his father what really happened. When Sonny confirmed it was one of his enemies, his face went cold and his response was "kill them." Pretty mature vengeance for a ten-year-old, or maybe it's the immature response of a child who doesn't realize exactly how deadly his father's business is. It was also a bit telling that he, too, realizes his father is not a coffee importer. Sonny gave Michael a speech about how revenge only leaves a hole in your heart and it's not the right way to deal with things, but I'm betting before long he'll be handing down orders to Jason to take out a few of Zacchara's men in retaliation.

Sonny whisked Carly and the boys off to his private island just moments before Jax could catch up with her at Sonny's house. A pissing match quickly ensued about who was better suited to take care of Carly and the kids. The question is will Jax join Carly and the kids, or will he stay behind to do battle with the big bad guys?

While everyone else was buzzing around about the nanny's murder, Jerry had broken in to Sam's apartment. He suggested she sleep with Trevor Lansing to get information about Zacchara and use it for revenge against Jason. Now that's Jerry for you, always thinking! Sam was put off and disgusted by the thought of sleeping with her sister's grandfather. I wonder, is that worse than sleeping with your mother's husband or trying to sleep with Lucky for revenge? Apparently there is a line in Sam's book where to cross it is just too icky. Who would have thought?

It's probably too soon to say for sure, though; she may do it and just not tell Jerry. Later, Lucky showed up to check on her, even though he's been fired as her bodyguard. By the look on his face I think he was surprised to find her in the skimpy bikini lounging in the hot tub.

On pins and needles about Leticia's death, when Elizabeth heard noises outside she retrieved a gun from a safe in the closet. Hmm, that gun box looks exactly like the ten or so Jason has. The episode ended with her checking the doors and windows, gun in hand. I'm guessing it's actually Jason outside checking in on her. You think she'll end up firing at him?

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