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Is Leticha the first victim of the new mob war?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Casualties of War

On Friday's General Hospital:

Jax didn't seem too content to live under Sonny's guards and suggested he and Carly move into the Metro Court with the boys, where they could rely on their security measures, until the Zaccharra crisis was over. I can't say as I blame him. What man, especially one who traipses all over the world keeping his brother out of trouble, would want to sit around and let Sonny protect his family? Though I did think leaving Nanny Letichia behind to pack up suitcases while the rest of them went to the hotel was a huge red flag as to how the episode would end.

At the hotel, Jax learned Jerry had a meeting scheduled with Zaccharra and punched out his brother with the intention of taking his place at the meeting. When he told Carly of his plan, she protested and asked him to let Sonny fight the mob battles. He rebuffed, telling her Zaccharra was a business man first and we appeal to him to keep Carly and the kids out of his fight with Sonny.

As much as I dread getting into another mob war story, I have to admit this is looking like it might actually have some drama to it. It might not be more of what we're use to seeing: Jason, Sonny, and Lorenzo throwing around lame threats. Trevor has already proven himself a force to be reckoned with and I fear Sonny and Jason may not be able to play with these 'big boys.'

Nikolas and Emily were also at the hotel looking at the new office space the Metro Court was offering as replacement to the ones Alfred cancelled and they leased to someone else. When Emily said space was nice, but differed the final decision to Nikolas' he threw another uncharacteristic tantrum toward the hotel staff and said he would need another opinion before he decided.

As they were getting ready to leave the hotel, Sam approached Emily and, coyly playing her game, told Emily she hoped there was no hard feeling between the two of them over her split with her brother, Jason. Emily was gracious telling her she hoped both Jason and her went on to be happy again. After Sam left, Emily confided in Nikolas she would keep the peace with Sam because she is his cousin.

Later, Emily and Liz waited for Lucky and Nikolas to look at the hotel space at the Spencer house and Elizabeth said she was sure Sam was still toying with Lucky, but the two of them are dedicated to trying to save their marriage. Meanwhile, Nikolas was nowhere to be found at the Metro Court and was not answering calls to his cell from Lucky.

I'm wondering where the writers are heading with this new moody, dark Nikolas. Is it his inner Cassadine showing through? I'm also wondering where his loyalties are going to lie if Lucky and Sam end up together? Will Emily find herself on the outside with her longtime friends? Will it come between Nikolas and Emily if Emily and Jason end up together?

Jason and Sonny realized that Zaccharra was making his first move through Trevor and argued to Carly that her and the boys had to come stay at Sonny's. Carly refused to leave without Jax, but allowed Sonny to take the boys. It didn't take too long for Jason to get through to Carly and convinced her she needed to go to Sonny's and Jax could meet her there. The twosome stopped by the house, I guess to tell Letichia, and were aghast to find her on the floor, presumably dead. Immeaditely following, we saw Jax unlocking his car, and then jumping away from it as it exploded.

The new mob was is on!

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Ric and Trevor do battle when Ric accuses him of being involved in Leticha's murder.
  • Jerry suggests to Sam seducing might make for good revenge.
  • Alexis moves her girls into Wyndemere for the duration.
  • Robin walks out on Patrick. I wonder if this is going to tie into Night Shift or if it's a whole different reason.

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