Friday , June 21 2024
Zacchara has PC residents living in fear; Liz and Lucky commit to trying again.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A New Threat in Town

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Lucky went to visit Nikolas for some advice, pulling him away from the big huge deal that is occupying all his time and keeping him extremely secretive with those around him. He told his brother that he and Elizabeth decided to try and work things out, but wondered if Nikolas thought reconciliation was even possible. He advised Lucky to give his marriage every chance.

At the same time Liz told Emily the same story and said she hoped this time they would be able to stick to their guns about working it out. Later at home things seem more relaxed and the couple even made plans to fill the kid's pool and let them play in the yard. That is, until Sam showed up, playing her games. She told Lucky she didn't want him to be her body guard anymore because of the danger. Lucky insisted she needed his protection as Elizabeth watched from the staircase.

Big yawn! I'm sorry, but this has been drawn out so far and so long I just want them to get on with it. Liz and Lucky are over, at least until Liz gets a chance to try for a life with Jason. In the end, when the danger does become real, she might come back, but she's not going to be satisfied with Lucky till she gets Jason out of her system. Only flaw is by the time Liz realizes what she let go, Lucky's heart might belong to another.

It seems everyone is running scared because of Zacchara, but none are as threatened as Carly and Jax who seriously discussed what they should do to protect the kids. It's nice to see these two working together again, a common enemy will do that for you, I guess. Jerry still seemed to be playing both sides of the fence. Will he prove his loyalty to Jax and get back in his brother's good graces by protecting Jax's family or will he lose his brother forever by betraying him is the question I'm asking.

Meanwhile, Sam was warning Alexis of how the New York City gangster likes to target his rival's family and added to her concern by letting her know Trevor was in town. Neither was aware that Trevor was threatening to take Molly from Ric if he didn't put Sonny out of commission.

No one was taken more off guard than Alexis, well except for maybe me, when Ric told her he thought it might be better if Molly came to live with her for awhile. Is Ric seeing what damage he's caused with his manipulation and lies by looking at his father or is he just scared to death of the old man? I'm guessing it's the latter. Dedication to Molly is the one constant (and only true loyalty) in Ric's life, I really wouldn't have expected any differently.

Don't ForgetGeneral Hospital: Night Shift airs tonight on Soapnet at 11:00 pm. On tonight's episode we're given a glimpse into Toussaint's mysterious past. Jolene is asked by MedCam to kill a patient. Patrick and Robin continue to argue about the plight of Stacy's baby.

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