Wednesday , February 28 2024
Trevor terrorizes Kate, Sonny, and Ric. Logan fumbles. Will he pay with his life?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Trevor Threatens Kate, Sonny, and Ric

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Trevor and Kate continued to talk about the impending danger brought on by Trevor Lansing and his client, Anthony Zaccharra. When Trevor showed up at Sonny's, telling him to call off his goons, things quickly turned ugly and Trevor told Kate she must choose between the two of them. When she refused, he insisted it she would regret it. But pushing Kate around isn't enough for the big, bad lawyer, he fit a bit of terrorizing Ric into his schedule by visiting his grand daughter and threatened to take her from his son.

Trevor is turning into the type of bad buy you actually enjoy watching.  He's not playing it over the top and his threats to Sonny don't seem nearly as laughable as Ric's do.  Sure, he's scum, but it's fun to watch.

In the meantime, Jason tried to instill in Carly just how dangerous Zaccharra can be when she believes he is overreacting about Laticha and the kids being left without a guard while shopping for school supplies. Jason drove his point home by giving her an example of how the New York City Mob boss targets the family of his rivals before launching a territory take over.

Spinelli and Georgie continued to bond over waffles and their mutual dislike of Logan. The more they talked, the more infatuated Georgie was becoming and I have to think Spinelli was beginning to see it, though he said nothing.

Georgie's dislike for Logan was further fueled when Maxie admitted to her sister she had slept with him after Cooper gave both of them the brush off. I'm a little disheartened that we've seen so little of Cooper and I'm concerned that since he's totally turned away from Maxie, it might be a signal that he's marked to be a victim in the brewing mob war.

When they were alone, Logan threatened Maxie bodily harm if she told Lulu about their bet. Too bad he skipped out on his assignment of watching Sonny's kids to harass Maxie. Max and Milo showed up and dragged him off to Sonny, leaving Maxie with a huge, satisfied smile on her face.

Sonny unleashed his bubbling rage on Logan telling Logan that if Sonny's kids would have been targeted because he had left them unguarded, he would be dead. After a pause he wondered if it wasn't a good idea to kill him anyway.

I had hoped with Alcazar gone and the success of Night Shift we would see a shift away from the mob stories and a turn back to the hospital. Unfortunately, it looks like those hopes are going to be dashed. Sonny and Jason continue to say 'this is going to be big,' and 'this is going to be bad,' making me think we are in for a big huge bloodbath in the coming weeks.

Casting News: A message on Kelly Monaco's (Sam's) website states the actress recently signed a new one year contract with the show. The contract is said to be flexible enough to give her the opportunity to pursue other acting roles.

On Thursday's General Hospital:
Upset by Trevor's threats, Ric suggests to Alexis that she take custody of Molly for awhile. Nikolas continues his moody and secretive plan about his new offices. Sam shows up at Lucky's dressed for seduction.

And on General Hospital: Night Shift:
We're given a glimpse into Toussaint's mysterious past. Jolene is asked by MedCam to kill a patient. Patrick and Robin continue to argue about the plight of Stacy's baby.

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