Monday , December 4 2023
Scrubs is back from a mini-vaca and Jax/Carly, Sonny/Kate try and find compromise.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Working it Out

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

I mentioned last week I was missing scrubs, and on Tuesday's episode the couple returned from a long weekend at the racetrack. Back at home, Patrick opened up to Robin about his past as an amateur race car driver and how he'd given up his passion to try and preserve the Drake name in medicine (following his mother's death and his father's self-destructive reaction). He confided that to see his father living passionately again – through Eli Love – had caused him to gain a whole new admiration for Noah. When Robin asked if he ever regretted the choice, he tried to avoid the question, and then answered he couldn't regret anything that had brought them together.

I certainly like seeing Patrick and Robin like this as compared to their now stormy relationship on The Night Shift. Yes, I know it's an alternate universe, but it's really hard for me to get over the fact the stories between the two don't mesh up, especially when the word is at the end of the 13 episode run, the two will come together and some stories will cross in. I hope this doesn't mean my scrubs are doomed.

Georgie dropped in on Spinelli under the ruse of needing him to fix a waffle iron, but it quickly became evident she was looking for a reason to spend time with the shy and awkward computer geek. The two shared a heart to heart over Logan and Lulu and Jason's involvement, but Georgie eventually left broken-hearted when Spinelli continued to go on and on about his 'blonde one.'

I really would like to see these two characters make a go of it. Spinelli has that quirky charm that Georgie seems to be attracted to and she is the book smart yet sensitive soul that could be good for Spinelli. All I hope is that in the end Georgie doesn't have to lose another guy to Lulu.

Okay, what's up with Nikolas? He's acting whacked out weird and extremely dark in the way he wants Emily to go on this trip and plan a future in an obsessive "you're my possession" sort of way. Emily made some sound and valid points about living in the moment which only seemed to stir the troubled seas raging beneath his hard shell. I've seen a of couple speculations floating around as to what's really going on, neither of which feel too plausible to me. Guess we'll have to wait and see what the writing team has up their sleeve with this one.

Sonny and Kate spent the episode on Sonny's patio arguing about the past, the present, Trevor Lansing, and Zaccharra. It was a lot of going round in circles over the similar ground they've covered a hundred times, right up to the conclusion when Sonny laid it on the line. He asked her if she trusted him or Trevor. Her response was that as illogical as it was, she trusted Sonny. We’ve only seen a week's worth of Trevor Lansing, but I don't think he's going to like Kate taking sides with Sonny. I just hope this doesn't turn into Kate being a helpless victim who needs Sonny's protection. One of the most appealing things about her and her dynamic with Sonny is her independence and her ability to go toe to toe.

Another couple going round and round was Jax and Carly. Yes, I get that even though she's complaining about him sleeping with Irina, the real issue is she feels like she was abandoned, but I'm still so sick of her focusing on the sex, when it's completely hypocritical of her to do so. Jax knows she has abandonment issues. She begged him not to chase after Jerry and he did anyway. That's the reason she's mad and it's a valid one. After a full episode of fighting, however, the two fell together in a pretty hot kiss… maybe they've moved on? Just in time for the new mob war to heat up is my guess.

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