Thursday , July 18 2024
Seeing Kate with Trevor devastates Sonny.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sonny Spirals Downward

On Friday's General Hospital:

Spinelli instantly regretted spilling the details of the run-in between him, Lulu, and Logan months before when Jason, appalled, said he was going to intervene to make sure Lulu didn't get hurt again. He appealed to Jason, saying he would look weaker in both Logan and Lulu's eyes if Jason interceded, but it didn't seem to calm his anger any more.

In the meantime, Lulu talked her feelings out with Carly who suspected that Lulu was rushing into something she wasn't ready for. Creating a ruse, she left Lulu to watch the boys and paid a guilt-ridden Logan a visit, while Maxie listened in from the closet. Logan threatened to expose Maxie's role in their plot if Lulu learned they had slept together, which only angered Maxie because Logan appeared to be falling for Lulu.

Jason turned to Sonny, asking him to cut Logan loose from the operation, but he was already reeling out of control from having seen Kate and Trevor kissing. He lashed out, complaining they had too much to worry about with Zacharra to worry about the problems of the young people, but when Jason pressed the issue he admitted he was upset over the girl he once loved being Trevor's long-time mistress.

I wonder what might happen if Jason and Carly put their heads together over Logan. I suspect if and when Logan's plot with Maxie comes to light, Logan is going to be fighting for his life. Though, I must admit I agreed with Sonny when he said they had bigger things to worry about than the kids' problems. It's always been a bit unnerving that the mob boss and his hit man took such an active role in these young people's lives.

When Kate later tried to talk to Sonny, he was sinking further into the bottle and an emotional low. He tried to warn her, to send her away, but Kate pushed the issue until the two ended up screaming at each other about the past and where they stood now. Will Kate run when she sees just how deep Sonny's dark side is, or is it Trevor she will turn from? I'm not sure what she's going to do yet, but I'm rooting for her to stick it out with Sonny.

Sam continued on with her master plan, stopping by to visit Liz, and then quickly putting a damaging twist on the reason for her visit and Liz's response when Lucky showed up. Lucky quickly took Liz's side and Liz questioned Lucky as to whether or not he really wanted to try and save their marriage.

Later, Jason watched as Lucky and Sam shared a kiss in the park. When Jason advised Lucky to think of his family, he responded that Jason might be able to take his wife, but he would never have his sons. That is until the paternity secret comes out, if it ever comes out.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • While researching Zacharra, Jason learns he strikes family members before he does his target and immediately advises Carly and Alexis to protect Sonny's children.
  • Kate tells Sonny Trevor is her past, and he is her future.
  • Ric decides Molly will be safer with Alexis and Alexis moves into Wyndemere with her girls for the duration of Zacharra's terror.
  • Nikolas continues down the dark and moody road.

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