Monday , July 22 2024
Kate, Sonny, and Maxie are all caught eavesdropping. Maxie gives Logan an ultimatum.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Eavesdropping and Blackmail

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Overheard conversations and eavesdropping were the key words in Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Kate listened from the patio as Ric needled Sonny about his father's on-going affair with would-be-girlfriend Kate. I think we got a huge clue to a future storyline in Ric's pondering of whether or not he had any other siblings out there, especially after seeing the reaction on Kate's face.

Later, after having a long talk with Carly about how hard it's been on him having Trevor in town, Sonny crossed over to Kate's to talk about it and got a clear view of her and Trevor in a passionate kiss. Is this going to be the final slap in the face that pushes Sonny over the edge and causes him to fly into a rage? I'm thinking yes. It's been quite a while since we've really seen Sonny lose it and he's been teetering on the verge for a couple weeks now.

Logan and Lulu tried to sneak some mid-day love, but when Logan caught Maxie spying from the closet, he quickly switched gears and took her out of the apartment to a carnival where he could prove to her he really cares. Later, Cooper caught Maxie, once again, spying on the young couple and outed her to Logan and Lulu. Maxie teetered on the edge of spilling her and Logan's bet, but he was able to diffuse the situation before being summoned to Ric's office.

Maxie, however, just couldn't let her badgering stop. When Spinelli showed up at the park as well, she took advantage and got a few more punches to his ego in. When his mind was too occupied and his heart too devastated to work, Jason asked him to talk about it and Spin spilled the whole torrid history, including Logan's forced kiss on Lulu months ago. This is not something I would want Jason to know if I were Logan, seeing as both Jason and Sonny have appointed themselves guardians of the Spencer girl.

While Lulu was turning to Carly for advice about her romance with Logan and the effects on Spinelli, Maxie was blackmailing Logan. 'Fulfill our bargain and sleep with me or I'm telling Lulu you pursuit of her has been a scam from the beginning,' she told Logan. Unfortunately, he was more than willing to comply, proving he really hasn't grown as much as we thought he had.  I'm guessing Logan's digging his own grave here. When this comes out, and we all know it will, Jason will definitely push him out of Sonny's organization, if not six feet under.

While Jason told Trevor to go back to New York and tell Zacchara to stay out of their territory, Ric was telling Logan and Cooper (separately) to prepare for a new mob war and the downfall of Sonny. Yeah, I don't think so. If anyone is going to truly self-destruct by Zacchara moving in and Trevor's presence, it's going to be Ric.

Reminder: Monday's General Hospital will be a rebroadcast of the Metro Court explosion episode. So if you have plans for a holiday picnic, don't worry you won't be missing anything new. There will be no "Making The Rounds…" for Monday's episodes. Despite having holiday plans of my own, look for Friday's recap on these pages before Tuesday.

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