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With Lorenzo gone, there's a new threat in Sonny's territory. Spinelli fantasizes about those Girls Next Door.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A New Mob Threat Moving In

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

It's felt like a slow week, storyline-wise. I'm not sure if it's because we saw the end of a couple of major ones last week and the new ones are just picking up or if it's because I'm nearly bored to tears with the baby-daddy one that's been going on for a year, but it certainly helped to get a big dose of Spinelli on Wednesday's show.

First, Spin was tormented by 'the bad blonde one' Maxie, as she needled and poked him about the fact that Lulu and Logan were surely sleeping together by now. It's moments like these that make it absolutely impossible for me to have one ounce of sympathy for the girl. I get it, she hates Lulu and wants to hurt her, but why take such pleasure in hurting Spinelli in the process? Lulu didn't help matters much when she intervened, chasing Maxie off.

Yet again, she tried to make him and Logan play nice. I give Logan points for offering Spinelli an apology and taking the first step, but I have to give Spinelli a whole lot more for being honest. He believes in his heart Logan will hurt Lulu.  As her friend he might have to respect her choices, but he's right, liking Logan isn’t his responsibility as her friend.

The depth of Spinelli's devastation was highlighted further when Ric showed up, wanting to interrogate Jason about Zacchara. He took off on the 'DA of Darkness' with an impassioned speech, full of Spinelli-isms. The funny thing is it seemed to be truly hitting home and affecting Ric. He brushed it off saying something to the effect of he wasn't going to arrest Spin because he seem tortured enough, but I really felt like Ric was moved, if even just a little bit. How funny would it be if a combination of Trevor and Spinelli was able to push Ric down a path toward redemption?

Of course, the highlight came when Spinelli fantasized about those Girls Next Door girls fawning all over him and easing his sorrow until a very innocent and pure Lulu came to the door begging for his forgiveness and declaring her love. A hilarious masterpiece!

And what is this fascination with the thick heavy line between good and bad, and why does it seem like Nikolas is making the jump from one side to the other? First when Emily told him she couldn't take time off her internship program to jet-set around the world with him, he got all uppity about how (basically) she was better than the other interns and could do what she wanted since his donations kept the hospital afloat. Later when Dr. Ford admonished Em for spending her time chit-chatting with Nikolas when she was supposed to be caring for patients, he went off on the would-be chief of staff, threatening to destroy his career. Both incidents hugely out of character, and extremely odd.

I said yesterday Carly would go running to Jason soon as she was home and sure enough Wednesday's episode opened with Jason and Carly at her house. Apparently Jason had come by to warn Carly about Zaccarah and tell her he was increasing her guards, though it didn't stop Carly from going on and on about what Jax had done. Yeah, okay. Bad Jax went and got himself kidnapped, tortured, and raped. You're right, Carly. Unforgivable! What I've yet to figure out is why Jax hasn't blown a gasket yet and told Carly to grow up.

It had to be pretty hard for him to go into the hospital and tell Epiphany he needed to be tested for STDs… like all of them. It certainly made it worse when Jerry showed up and tried to comfort him saying Irina was dead and he always knew her to be meticulous about things like hygiene and health. Jax, of course, told him off and reminded him he didn't want to see him again. I understand the action, but I'm totally confused by the motive. The unforgivable thing in Jax's book is that Jerry shot and killed someone he supposedly loved (Irina) even though he was doing it to save Jax and Carly. I get that was traumatic, but wasn't his real crime luring him away for no reason in the first place and allowing him to get kidnapped by psycho-lady?

Jax then tried to apologize to Emily for ever defending Jerry. In a surprising turn of events, Emily encouraged Jax to not give up on Jerry saying that if anyone could get through and figure out what changed Jerry, it would be him.

In the meantime Jerry had been summoned to Trevor's hotel room. It seems Zaccharra wants Jerry to do a job for him. As soon as Jerry left Trevor's room, he met Jason in the park. Jason, encouraged by Jerry helping Carly find the 'evidence' that got him acquitted, asked Jerry to align with him to fight Zacchara. How will Jerry decide which side to be on? My guess is he'll play the middle until he figures out which rewards him the best. At episode's end, however, he barged into Jax's and Carly's house to tell them he's going to protect them against Zaccharra whether they like it or not.

Preview General Hospital: Night Shift and some rants:

Don't forget The Night Shift airs on Soapnet tonight at 11:00pm. Previews say we (the viewing audience) will learn who is the 'angel of death.' They also promise more turmoil between Patrick and Robin over Stacy's orphaned baby and more on Maxie's illness and the effect on her heart.

I'm looking forward to tonight's show and being back in the hospital. It must have been one heck of a concert last Friday (on daytime GH). We haven't seen any sign of Robin or Patrick or really dealt with any medical issues, aside from Jax's possible STD. Maybe those in charge should take note of the huge rating success The Night Shift has become and spend a little more time in the hospital and less time in Sonny's coffee shop/mob headquarters.

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