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"I will kill you," Jason tells Sam.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Turmoil, Threats, and Emotional Overload

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Wow, I called this one, didn't I? Though, it wasn't too hard to predict. Carly was extremely pissed at Jax for allowing Irina to rape him. I was right there with him when he brought up he had a gun to his head, unlike the time she jumped between the sheets with Sonny. Of course, all Carly heard was, "You cheated on me, so I cheated on you." Here the guy is, his handsome face all bruised and cut (nice work in make-up, by the way), and Carly's acting like it was something he enjoyed.

Will Carly be able to move past this? I'm guessing the answer is dependent on what Jason has to say when she goes running to him, probably about thirty seconds after the plane lands in Port Charles.

Sam accompanied Lucky to the Metro Court so Amelia could meet with her new bodyguard. Despite Amelia's ability to tell it like it is to Lucky and warn him about what Sam is obviously up to, Lucky seemed oblivious. Though, for once, I don't think he is. I think he's pretty clear on what's going on and is just enjoying the ego stroking way too much to not ride it out for all it's worth.

He did get a bit snippy with Liz when she showed up at the Metro Court with Emily for drinks, definitely the sign of a guilty man who has something to hide. But later, at home, he tried to make up for it when he told Liz he wasn't ready to give up on the marriage; he just needed time to work through the pain.

In this rare moment, with Lucky acting like a reasonable adult, it would have been nice to see Liz do the same — own the part she played and gently point out that working for Sam is going to be a point of contention. Instead we got a rather cold "okay." For sure, Lucky shares responsibility in the breakdown of their marriage but he spent darn near a year apologizing for it to Liz. She, on the other hand, seems unwilling to admit her lies were wrong, at least to Lucky. Until that happens, I see this couple as doomed.

When Sam returned home from the Metro Court, Jason was lying in wait to confront her about hiring the goons. She defended her actions as a wake-up call to both him and Liz, saying just because this attack wasn't real didn't mean there wouldn't be a next one. It's something Jason knows all too well and why he remains resolute in staying away from Liz and Jake. However, he couldn't leave Sam's without giving his usual warning. "Stay away from Liz and my son or… I will kill you." Aw, Jason, can't you come up with something new?

Sonny tried once again to talk to Kate, who seemed pretty determined to keep him out of her life, even after he told her about Trevor's past with him and his mother. Even learning Trevor was the attorney for a rival mob boss, and believed to be in town on that purpose didn't change Kate's tune. She brushed Sonny off.

Downstairs, Trevor was putting the screws to Ric. He told him to drop the charges against Kate or he would make sure Molly was taken away from him — for good. Though he tried to play tough, Rc looked obviously shaken by the threats, and I will say his affection for his daughter has been the one steadfast thing about him. I look for him to back down to protect her.

Trevor returned to Kate's room with the news her charges will surely be dropped, and then proceeded to move in, expecting affection in return. Kate, extremely uncomfortable with the situation, feigned being tired. Was that a flash of rage in Trevor's eyes before he said his goodbyes, informing Kate he would be in town for quite some time and she would have plenty of chances to show her gratitude? Slime! He's giving me the creeps already!

On Wednesday's GH:

  • Jason clashes with Trevor. I wonder… do you think he'll threaten to kill him too?
  • Spinelli fantasizes about those Girls Next Door girls. Obviously he's going to hear more about Lulu and Logan.
  • Emily is shocked by Nikolas' behavior. Yeah, Nikolas has been mysterious and sort of brooding lately. I wonder what he's up to.
  • On Monday, Labor Day, General Hospital will be running a repeat of the Metro Court explosion episode. Wow! Like we didn't see the building go up enough times during that 13 (day) hour crisis! Since we covered all that ground back then, there will be no 'Making the Rounds…' for Monday September 3.

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