Tuesday , November 28 2023
Jerry kills Irina to save Jax and Carly, but it doesn't win him any medals with his brother.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Irina’s Dead, Sam’s Been Caught

On Monday's General Hospital:

I said last week I wasn't buying Jerry's manipulation of Irina, and he proved me right when he pulled her into a hug, and then shot her in the chest (or maybe it was stomach, they didn't really show). He told Carly and Jax to just go so he could 'clean up," and Jax came back at him with hurt and anger, cutting him out of his life. The part I didn't understand though was why he was so upset Jerry had shot Irina; this was the woman who had spent the last few weeks torturing him.

Yes, I get Jerry supposedly loved her but was able to put a bullet in her without blinking (so much for the redemption story I had this pegged as) but I would have thought Jax's anger would have been more rooted in 'you’re the one who got me into this in the first place.' Regardless, one thing I do know for sure is we haven't seen the last of Jerry, thank goodness. The character may be a menace, but Sebastian Roche is such a talent, I thoroughly enjoy watching him.

Carly's and Jax's plane ride home was uncomfortable, both for them and for the viewer. It was hard watching the two in such obvious anguish over how to come back together as a couple after the long separation and all that has happened in their individual lives. The fact I could feel the pain, warrants kudos to those playing the characters, yet the set up warned me that future episodes might not be so interesting. As Carly asked for a verification about Jax sleeping with Irina I could see a repeat of the Jax returning to find out Carly had slept with Sonny, only with the roles reversed and the main difference being Jax did it to protect Carly and the kids. I would certainly like to see a new spin on this, but fear it will be old ground, retread.

Lucky seemed well aware that Sam is out to get revenge, yet was perfectly happy to follow her down that road. At the same time, Elizabeth admitted to Emily that she suspects Sam is trying to seduce Lucky but finds herself unable to do anything to prevent it. To me, it seems like both Lucky and Liz have emotionally given up on their marriage. Lucky is devastated and striking out one more time on his way out the door and Liz's heart is more Jason's than Lucky's. Sam won't have to manipulate the situation at all to blow this relationship sky high.

Sonny questioned Trevor about his and Anthony Zacchara's intentions, but Trevor played innocent and insisted he was there for his girlfriend Kate, a woman he's molded and groomed to be someone he loves. Wow,  I found that to be one of the most disturbing things Trevor said. They also cast stones at each other over the past and it became obvious Trevor is going to shake things up for Sonny and Ric.

Sonny and Jason put their heads together over Trevor and Zacchara, and decided to play the wait and see game for just a little bit longer. He later went to Kate and demanded to know the truth about her relationship with Trevor. She played it coy, still insisting she couldn't be involved with Sonny and her relationship with Trevor was nobody's business but her own. At episode's end, Ric and Trevor came face-to-face at the Metro Court bar. Things should heat up between these two on Tuesday's episode.

On the drive back to Port Charles, Spinelli suggested that the thugs who had accosted Liz had been prepped by Ric to accuse Sam. Sorry, Spin, Jason knows better and Sam's going to have to face off with Jason over what she has done. When Sam returned back to her apartment and turned on the light, she found Jason waiting for her. Hmm, I bet she wished she had brought her body guard back to the apartment after all.

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