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Jason is free... to be with Liz?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason’s Not Guilty

On Thurday's General Hospital:

No matter how many times Patrick reminded Robin the negative result on the pregnancy test was what they both wanted, it was more than obvious she was hurting. Patrick, being detached and male, just wasn't seeing her pain, much to Robin's frustration – and mine. Yes, it's fun to watch this couple bicker, but I am so ready to see them take the relationship up a step. Patrick has claimed it's what he wants too, so why is it so hard for him to see Robin is hurt?

Someone else who just wasn't reading the writing on the wall was Lulu. Coop tried to tell her the redeeming qualities she sees in Logan are only fleeting, and the rough front she thinks is a protective wall is who he truly is. He stopped short of telling her he caught Logan and Maxie together, though I'm not sure why. I'm guessing he didn't want to fuel the deep hatred between the two girls.

With Max's help, Carly discovered Jerry sneaked off to save Jax without her. Max was able to find out his destination without too much trouble and Carly was off to Turkey to chase down Jerry and Jax. Meanwhile, Irina was still being her bad self – with an equally bad accent and poor acting skills – beating on Jax and reminding him as soon as Jerry arrived his life was over. As always, I enjoyed the exchanges between Max and Carly; even though I find his infatuation and total devotion to Carly undeserved, it's balanced by the knowledge that she would never use it to hurt him.

The jury read their verdict and Jason was found not guilty. I think by this time even Ric was expecting it. After a bit of congratulatory praise back and forth between Jason and Diane, the two left the courtroom where Elizabeth rushed to Jason's arms, not noticing, or caring, that news cameras were rolling and photographer's cameras were popping off. Of course, Lucky didn't see anything innocent about it when he caught a glimpse of the evening news at Kelly's where he, Liz, Nicholas, and Emily were having dinner, accusing Liz again of an ongoing affair with Jason.

Sam dropped by Jason's penthouse to pick up the last of her stuff. How convenient seeing as I thought she moved out two weeks ago. Needing to get in one last dig, she reminded Jason that because of Elizabeth's lies on the stand, he will never be able to claim Jake as his own. When Jason insisted that was what he wanted, his son safe and in a loving family, Sam suggested she just might have to steal Liz's loving family from her and raise Jake herself with Lucky. Not that I'm on Sam's side at all with this, but man way to blow a master plan, girl, give your mobster ex-boyfriend all the details. Not good!

Even though the mayor ordered Ric to change his story and tell the press he was working to find Alcazar and bring him in on charges, lest he look like the petty vindictive fool Diane has made him out to be, he instead threatened Sonny. I know I shouldn't find it funny, and I know I should want to see Sonny go down for his crimes, but there is just something so distasteful about Ric that I couldn't help giggle when he threatened to take him down or see him dead. Okay, Ric, good luck trying to pull that one off.

On Friday's GH:

  • Jerry arrives in Turkey, with Carly just one step behind, to discover Irina really is alive. Liz meets some trouble on her way to visit Jason with the boys. Lucky warns Jason to stay away from his family.

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