Wednesday , February 21 2024
Robin and Patrick fret over a pregnancy test and the jury comes back in Jason's trial.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Jury is Back

On Wednesday’s General Hospital:

When Patrick heard from Robin she might be pregnant, “freaked out” doesn’t even begin to fittingly describe the sheer terror he displayed. He said nothing right, starting with “but we’re careful” and going right on through to “I’m not ready to be a father.” My surprise came from Robin expecting anything different. He is the man who has said in no uncertain terms fatherhood is not part of his master plan, after all.

Back at Patrick’s apartment, pregnancy test in hand, they had a heart to heart. Patrick said if she is he will be there by her side and adds that she will be a great mother some day, be it now or down the road. The test is negative and Patrick all but cheered. It was obvious however, even though Robin said she wasn’t ready, she had mixed feelings.

Logan showed up at the Quartermaines’ to gain their permission to date Lulu. I still haven’t figured out why Monica and Edward think they have the authority to stop it. Tracy, as her step-mom, maybe, but she is over eighteen and does have two big brothers in town as well to be her guardian. Monica and Edward stood firm and said no how, no way is Lulu dating Scott Baldwin’s son, especially since he works for Sonny Corinthos. Meanwhile, Tracy tried to convince Scott the only way to know the truth about Logan’s paternity for sure was to take a DNA test.

We had to endure over two weeks of Ric’s prosecution of Jason, and got one day of montage clips of Diane’s defense and the closing arguments. If that isn’t evidence the defense didn’t really have a case, I don’t know what is, but I do thank the writers for not putting us through any more of “you can’t convict my client if Alcazar is alive.”

At Kelly’s, Sam ran into Lucky (probably planned) and told him she could have sunk Jason when she was recalled to the stand, but in the end couldn’t lie just to seek revenge. And the sad thing is Lucky is buying this crap she spewing.

It’s announced over the radio that the jury is back with a verdict and both Epiphany and Amelia encouraged Elizabeth to go to the courthouse for Jason. At least Epiphany’s motives were pure – she knew Liz wouldn’t be doing her job with her mind on Jason. Amelia, however, had something up her sleeve, I’m sure of it. And the verdict is… sorry, we’re going to drag this out just one more day.

“Holy crap, Irina’s alive?” You could see it all over Jerry’s face, but instead he spewed some garbage to Carly about how he had arranged the phone call, and then canceled it when she had started to show loyalty, but somehow the message didn’t get through. It didn’t take too long for Carly to see through his manufactured cover and when she asked him point blank if he had lost track of Jax, he admitted he had. So Carly gets to not only save Jason, but also Jax, all in one week. What a busy girl!

Don’t forget: General Hospital: The Night Shift airs on Soapnet, tonight (Thursday) at 11:00pm. In tonight’s episode, Stacy is ready to deliver but whoever has been wreaking havoc at the hospital is back up to no good. Check out the preview below:

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