Monday , April 22 2024
Maxie caught in Logan's embrace, Lulu doesn't believe Spin when he tells her, and Sam continues to manipulate Lucky.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Maxie Caught With Logan

On Monday's General Hospital:

Finding Maxie in Logan's passionate embrace, Cooper said very little, but stormed off in anger. At the same time, Lulu was confiding in Spinelli that she wanted to get to know Logan even better. She hoped as a friend he would be able to support her. It was a task Spin wasn't quite up to, and Lulu also stormed off upset.

After hearing Cooper and Maxie arguing at Kelly's over what he had seen, Spinelli called Lulu back to tell her that Logan had been caught with Maxie by Cooper. Lulu thought he was just scheming to keep her from dating Logan and told him he was seriously damaging their friendship before leaving on a date with Logan.

It really caught me as off that Lulu wouldn't trust Spinelli, especially since she's been so confused about her feelings toward Logan, but I guess his constant maligning of the unworthy one made his accusations suspect. I look for Cooper to fill Lulu in on what he witnessed, even though Logan asked him not to.

While Nikolas tried to play peace keeper with Lucky and Elizabeth, Sam stepped her plan into overdrive, telling Lucky that Liz asked Alexis to keep her away from him. As she cried that Elizabeth had damaged her already fragile relationship with her mother (I'm shocked she didn't pull the cancer card as low as she's going), Lucky fell hook, line, and sinker, later telling Elizabeth off for going to Alexis instead of talking to him.

It really bothers me Lucky is always made to look like a fool. I'm not saying he shouldn't be angry at Liz or hurt over her lies. He's totally entitled to those feelings, but you'd think one of PC's finest would be able to see through Sam's schemes.

When Sonny learned Kate was being arrested for a hit-and-run, her second such offense, he was bowled over. He tried to help her out, but she was insistent on using her own lawyer from the city. He was less than immediate in answering her call, and it became all too clear she would have to spend the night in lock-up.

So, we see another crack in the Kate Howard façade. As her world begins to crumble, I'm guessing Sonny will be there to pick up all the pieces. It's a good thing I'm digging the chemistry between these two or it might be painful to watch.

Diane was able to get the evidence suggesting Alcazar is still alive admitted and Ric watched helplessly as his case began to unravel and Carly gloated. While the Mayor came down on Ric saying he would replace him with Scott Baldwin, except Baldwin thinks the case is un-winnable, Jerry informed Diane there would be more activity in Alcazar's accounts that very afternoon.

We'll have to tune in tomorrow to see if Jerry's and Carly's scheme pays off.

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