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Noah takes a drink, Sam tries to take over Liz's life.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Noah Stumbles, Sam Stalks

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Both Logan and Lulu visited Tracy. Logan asked permission to date Lulu and I'm not exactly sure what brought Lulu to Shadybrook, but when she arrived, Tracy tried to make it look like Logan was asking for money to not date her. Lulu wasn't buying it, and Logan took her to his apartment where he had a birthday spread – balloons, a gift, and a cake – for her. Lulu was touched he knew it was her birthday and they shared another kiss.

I'm really loving the onscreen chemistry between these two, even though I'm still overwhelmed with the feeling we're being spoon fed a new incarnation of the original super couple, Luke and Laura. I'm still anxiously waiting for Luke to come home and find out exactly who his baby girl is into now.

When both Patrick and Noah lashed out at Robin because her interference in Noah and Anna's relation resulted in both Drake doctors being cut off, Robin got an attack of guilt. Noah left the hospital to meet with Eli Love's manager, and while waiting at the Metro Court bar was approached by Bobbie. Noah swears it's only club soda in his glass, and offers a taste to Bobbie as proof. She doesn't take the drink and says she doesn't want to police him but she is worried about his sobriety.

Later Love's manager praises Noah on his ability to carry off what he thought was impossible, and we see the bartender mix drinks for the two men. This one isn't club soda and Noah doesn't hesitate in the least, drinking long from the glass.

Later, Patrick pages him back to the hospital. When he shows up, he doesn't appear drunk, but is chewing gum. Patrick fills him in on a new case, and Noah asks if he wants a consult. Patrick says, "No, I want you to scrub in." Though Noah is shocked and surprised by Patrick's declaration he needs him, his mind flashes back to the drink he took and he instead tells Patrick he has perfect faith he can perform the operation without him.

Patrick was afraid Noah would begin drinking again and it looks to be coming true. Since this is the second time in as many weeks we've seen Bobbie interfering with Noah after months and months of no screen time at all, I can only wonder if it won't be her picking up the pieces when the concert is over and Anna disappears, though I would much prefer Finola Hughes stay around so these two can explore the relationship a bit more. Better yet, let Noah and Skye connect at AA meetings.

In Venezuela, Jerry and Carly hit a road block when they tried to move Alcazar's funds between accounts, trying to prove he's alive. When the bank officer shows up at the hotel, questioning them, Jerry starts dialing his cellphone saying Alcazar is available to approve the transfer.

So Jerry's going to prove Jason's innocent by making people think Alcazar is alive. I wonder what that will do to Skye's attempts to get anything from his estate for Lila Rae.

In court, Diana recalls Liz and questions her about her history with Ric, trying to establish the whole case is based on a vendetta the DA has for Jason, it would seem effectively.

Before he can call her to the stand, Sky warns Ric to not push her too far. She does her best to be vague, but Ric is able to pull some damning testimony from her before he plays the digital recording with Alcazar saying his name, the gunshot with a silencer, and the body falling to the floor.

This is dragging on way too long. Can we get on with the not guilty verdict please?

When Elizabeth returns home from the courthouse she finds Sam and Lucky playing with the kids and tosses Sam out, amidst Lucky's defense of her. What Liz doesn't know is Lucky called Sam over and she told him she believes his wife was at the root of her breakup with Jason.

Watch out Liz, Sam is all about paybacks, don't you know.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Kate must have been feeling like her old self today, as we saw orderlies bringing her racks of clothing and being ordered to refresh her water. Epiphany tried to pop her ego and bring her down to earth, but had to settle for letting Sonny take her home. Thing is, he took her to his place.

When Morgan brought her flowers and thanked her for saving his life, and then Alexis showed up and made some comment about her being good with children, and that stepchildren counted, she lost it. Kate said she was going to sell her house and go back to the city and Sonny accused her of being afraid to let Connie out to reclaim her life. When asked to offer up evidence, he quieted her with a kiss.

I have to say, on this one occasion, I agree with Sonny. Come on Kate, or Connie, or whoever you want to go by, let your walls down and give Sonny a chance. It's so nice for once to see a woman who is truly a good match for him.

Elizabeth tracked Sam down at the courthouse, giving her a firm warning to stay away from her house, husband, and kids. Of course, Sam translated that to 'let me go over to Lucky's and work on him some more.' She told the man she had left her cell phone behind and toyed with his emotions as they looked for it. Meantime, Liz tracked down Alexis and asked her to call her daughter back and keep her from interfering in her life.

I would probably have a bit more sympathy for Liz here if she hadn't spent the last year running to Jason every time the wind blew even thought she knew he was trying to rebuild his relationship with Sam. Though I hate to cheer on Sam, this time I think Liz is only getting a taste of her own medicine.

In the courtroom, Ric and Diane both questioned Skye some more but she continued to maintain that she wasn't even sure her husband was dead. She said it wasn't unlike Lorenzo to disappear for months at a time. At the end of today's episode Ric put a witness who claimed to be a gardener on the stand and he testified that he saw Jason put Alcazar's body in the back of an SUV.

The look on Jason's face made me think he wanted to jump up and say, "I didn't drive my SUV that night!" What I just don't understand is with all the evidence Ric had, why he felt the need to come up with a phony witness (at least that's my bet). Certainly it will be what Diane needs to get Jason an acquittal.

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