Tuesday , February 27 2024
Sam wants to destroy what's left of Lucky and Liz's marriage, but Liz is doing a pretty good job of that herself.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lucky Questions Liz, Kate Saves Morgan

On Monday's General Hospital:

Lucky and Liz have it out over her testimony and year's worth of lies. For Lucky it all comes down to two important questions: who is really Jake's father and does Elizabeth love Jason. In what could have been the most opportune moment to come completely clean with her husband, Liz chose to lie. While they were having their heart-to-heart, Sam's and Jason's argument kicked into high gear, but only covered old ground. Sam threatened to tell Lucky the truth; Jason threatened to turn her in as Maureen's accomplice.

What happened next couldn't have surprised anyone. Liz ran to Jason and Sam showed up on Lucky's doorstep. While Jason was comforting Liz, though, Sam was giving Lucky an earful. She apologized for not telling him the truth much earlier, but said Liz had insisted when both she and Jason thought it would be best to be honest.

So Sam's stepping up her plan to destroy Liz's life by encouraging the end of her already shaky marriage. It shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, but will she be able to live with herself when she pushes Liz right into Jason's arms?

How many times do Morgan and Michael have to be told to stay off Kate's property and her precious ponds? Michael came running to the house telling Kate that Morgan was drowning in the pond. Kate rushes off to save him, but at what price? At episode's end while talking to Sonny, she passes out.

Robin continues to obsess and worry to Patrick about their parents dating each other and the obvious personality changes in Noah. Patrick is not necessarily as worried as Robin, saying that Noah had completely cut himself off from everything and everyone when his mother died, and he's actually happy to see him starting to live his life again. At the same time this is going on, we see Noah at the nurse's station looking much like Dr. Julian with iPod earplugs in place and bopping his head to the music. The music must not have been as loud as one would think, because he paused as he was getting on the elevator to sarcastically thank Patrick for his approval to date Anna saying he'd be sure to let the other woman know.

I was disappointed we didn't get a follow-up to last week's scene where we saw Noah taking a drink. The question of his sobriety is just as interesting to me as the budding romance and while I'd like to think it was just a misstep, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more drinks in Noah's hand in the coming weeks, a decision that, because of his liver transplant, could literally cost him his life.

As the rain ended, Logan was sure his date with Lulu had too, but she insisted they continue on, admitting she was enjoying herself. Over s'mores, the young couple continued to learn they have more in common than one might think

In Venezuela, Carly put those stitching skills she learned during the hostage crisis to good use on Jerry, but it might have all been in vain as the episode ended with their hotel room door being kicked in and an explosion of gunfire.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Did another bad batch of Enduros get out on the market? Two women will suspect pregnancy in the coming week. One will prove true, the other not.
  • On Tuesday's episode: Sam will continue to step up her plan, while Diane will tell Jason just how bad the trial is going. Robin walks in on Noah and Anna and asks her mother to not pursue the relationship.

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