Saturday , December 2 2023
Sam teams up with Maxie to destroy Elizabeth, Kate may prove to be Jason and Sonny's greatest witness.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Hatches a Plan

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

We're deep in the throws of Jason's trial, which means much of the focus is on those called into the courtroom and the major players in the coffee business. Not everyone in Port Charles is caught up in the trial though.

Spinelli ran to Lulu's defense when Maxie, yet again, chastised and needled her. Can't Maxie come up with a better argument than "Yeah, well at least I didn't have an abortion last summer." No Maxie, you just faked both a pregnancy and a miscarriage.

I'm not sure exactly what Sam's motives were when she stepped in, telling Spinelli that Lulu will never love him. Was she really trying to protect his heart or just trying to tighten the bonds of friendship with Maxie? If it was the later, it worked. Maxie followed Sam to her new apartment and thanked her for coming to her defense and the two bonded over their mutual hatred for the Spencer woman.

Back at Kelly's Lulu, spurred on by Sam's harsh words, felt the need to come completely clean with Spinelli and told him that while she valued his friendship and would never ever want to lose it, she could never imagine herself falling in love with him. Though obviously crushed, he assured Lulu he would always be there as her friend.

Rumors are flying that those in charge are planning to hook up Spinelli and Georgie since her last intended beau, Professor Marquez, abruptly slipped off the canvas during the hostage crisis and I wonder if this complete break of any possible romance between Spin and Lulu is a precursor to that. It could be an interesting match and I definitely think Spinelli deserves some affection.

At the courthouse, Ric shook things up by changing the order of his witness list. First he called Sonny, and did his best to spin his testimony so that it was damaging to Jason. How effective he was, I'm not sure but any damage that was done, was immediately erased by Kate, who stayed calm, cool and collected while recounting the day on the terrace when Sonny both received and made phone calls. The perfect package of civility and grace (and yes, a bit pompous but it worked here) she may have single handedly unraveled the DA's case, but then it was Elizabeth's turn.

Quite the opposite of Kate, Elizabeth didn't hide her anxiety about testifying well at all and stumbled over and around each question asked, even crossing the line into perjury when she stated rather insistently that "Jason is a coffee importer." Not getting anywhere with her in his attempt to defame Jason's character he went for Elizabeth's throat asking "Have you ever had sex with Jason Morgan?" as the show ended. Elizabeth's already lied on the stand, but I have a feeling – with Lucky in the courtroom – she'll answer this question with the utmost honesty.

Over at the Metro Court Jerry was tending to a mysterious stab wound when Nikolas arrived to tell him he was cut off from the Cassadine money. The two argued about Emily and who would kill who first before Jerry pulled out a gun, threatened Nikolas and then shot to the left at the door Carly was walking through. Not really caring one way or the other about Nikolas being nearly shot, she shooed him away so she could talk about the only thing important to her – saving Jason. When Jerry insisted he needed information about Alcazar's holdings, Carly called in Spinelli. Jerry told the computer geek to get all the information they needed, because they were off to Venezuela to save Jason.

Carly and Jerry on a mission together.  Boy, that's scary. Little do either of them know Jax is being held by the seductive Irina who's determined to find out wich of the Jacks brothers is better in bed before she exacts her revenge against Jerry by killing Jax.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • The date of the airing Eli Love concert has been announced. Rick Springfield will perform while portraying the character Noah Drake (who is portraying rock star Eli Love). Springfield started the dual role in the beginning of July and it will culminate on August 24 when he performs "Who Killed Rock and Roll?" from his upcoming album. The lighthearted summer storyline has incorporated the charity Lifebeat who benefits HIV/AIDS patients to educate the audience as well as entertain.
  • Don't look for their to be a verdict in the Jason Morgan trial too soon, it's not expected until the week of August 13.
  • That very same week, Dr. Scorpio will begin to wonder if she is pregnant.
  • Sam steps up her plan to make sure Elizabeth ends up alone and miserable.
  • Don’t forget NIght Shift airs on Soapnet tonight at 11 pm.

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