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One doctor has to eat her words, another goes missing.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: The Haunted Star Reopens

I’m going to start with Robin and Patrick this week, because I want to talk about a pairing that I’m actually enjoying. After being totally put off by Robin’s accusations, Patrick fled her apartment for the hospital. In the doctor’s locker room Robin once again eavesdropped on one of his conversations. This time she learned the true subject of the “bet” was not her, but whether or not Patrick could convince a child’s mother a surgery was necessary.

Feeling like a jerk, she followed him to Jake’s. Patrick was feeling particularly vengeful and made her apologize in front of Carly. Now normally I would say that was about as low as he could sink, but no – this time Robin deserved it. It was a huge assumption she had made and a rather egotistical one at that. It was a huge leap for her to believe the first overheard conversation was about her, but then to throw it up in Patrick’s face when he has really been trying to be less of a dog was inexcusable.

Of course Robin’s behavior sent him on a downward spin, and he was more than happy to try and forget all about her with Carly. For once she had the good sense to turn him away. Pretty amazing since not all that long ago she’d have done it to just to spite Robin. What surprises me even more is her decision had nothing to do with Sonny (Thank God!) and everything to do with Jax. Wow! Can she really be growing?

Jax and Carly got to hold baby John for the first time. The baby continues to bond the couple as they go through the ups and downs of giving into their growing lust and learning to trust each other. I already voiced my approval for this pairing last week and the intrigue continues. I’m especially enjoying the growth we’re seeing in Carly.

Jax continued his grudge against Nicholas and filed a restraining order against him, forbidding any contact with the baby. Part of me gets where he’s coming from. He’s trying to protect his child from the relentless and ruthless Helena. But a bigger part of me thinks Nicholas is calling it right when he accused Jax of just being bitter over Courtney choosing him.

Aside from his acidic attack on Jax and Carly, Nicholas seemed to be coming to terms with his grief. I look for them to move forward with the rumored plans to couple him up with Maxie in the very near future although on Friday’s episode his interaction with Emily at the Haunted Star was fun to watch. Putting that couple back together could be interesting as well.

One question – Skye and Tracy harassed Luke over the nude of Helena he insisted on putting up over the bar but then neither Alexis nor Nicholas noticed the picture of their stepmother/grandmother? Or any of the guests for that matter? I had expected it to make a bigger stir among the guests and seemed to be a tease that led nowhere.

While we’re talking about Luke, I thought it was pretty awful of him to offer to pay Dillon to be Lulu’s friend. It really isn’t all that far off from Tracy blackmailing Dillon to keep an eye on the young Spencer. At least Dillon told Lulu about it and softened it by saying Luke was doing it out of concern and not that he just wants her occupied so she won’t have time to interfere in his life. Yes, I know, Luke’s not the father type but we’re talking about a nearly grown daughter and one he bonded with during the epidemic. His casting her aside not only seems uncharacteristic but is more than a little annoying.

But not nearly as annoying as Georgie’s loyalty to Diego. I suppose the character deserves props for being a steadfast friend but anything gained is lost with lying to friends, family, and her new husband about it. Even after promising Dillon she would keep her distance, she met him again on the docks. This time she was almost hit by the car attempting to run Diego down. But she didn’t learn and took him back to her apartment. By the end of the show Friday Diego is hanging out in the closet to avoid being discovered by Dillon. Can anyone else guess where this is leading?

With Jason, Sam, and Sonny this week has been all about obsessions. Sam’s been driven by her obsessive hate for her biological mother, nearly confronting Alexis more times than I can count. Jason felt compelled to tell Sonny Sam’s secret. The news drove the mobster spiraling downward as he obsessed about the fact he’s fathered a child with both mother and daughter. In the process of divulging the secret (which by the way has become the worst kept secret ever) Jason found out that Sonny and Emily are still a couple, which drove him into obsessive nightmares about shooting Sonny.

I understand where Jason’s fear is coming from. His sister is totally wrong for his boss and friend, but he really needs to step back, take a deep breath, and let the couple figure it out for themselves. Emily is just as passionate about not being told what to do as she is about Sonny – and the same stands for him. A larger part of Jason’s anger is the fact both his friend and his sister are lying to him about the relationship, but what choice did he really give them? I understand he’s hurt and angry but he’s voiced those concerns to all parties involved. I guess there’s nothing left there but to watch it all explode, which I’m sure is just around the corner.

After spending Wednesday and Thursday looking for his MIA father, Patrick gave up and decided he was probably on a drinking bender and went to the Haunted Star reopening with Dr. Lee. This left Robin fuming but available when the call came from the detox clinic looking for Noah’s next of kin. Once again, this week the most dramatic and entertaining scenes involved the two Dr. Drakes. Even though Noah’s refusal to accept a liver transplant is starting to wear thin.

After accusing Noah of drinking, Robin had to eat her words when she found out he checked into the clinic to stay sober. Noah lashed back by accusing her of only helping him to get in good graces with Patrick. She was able to convince him to return to General Hospital with her even though he wouldn’t sway on his demand to not be placed on the transplant list.

The high tension scenes continued when Patrick was alerted and returned to the hospital. The two exchanged anger and bitterness, but when his father collapsed trying to get out of bed Patrick rushed to his aid and the love between father and son was more than apparent. This storyline is evolving nicely and I think we have a lot more angst and compassion between the two to look forward to this week.

Coming up next week: Someone is in danger. Someone else dies. Will another one be saved?

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