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Temperatures rise, tears fall, and a father and son's bitter battle continues.

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – 3/19/06

This week on General Hospital Sam continued to agonize and whine over Alexis being her biological mother. As the week progressed, I found myself more and more sympathetic to Alexis. Sam decided to get her GED so she could go to college and law school. Like Jason, I jumped to the conclusion it was all about her new mom and the desire to prove something. Sam went into a lengthy speech about how helpless she felt during Manny’s court proceedings, and how knowledge of the law would empower her. Silly me started to buy into it. Too bad the writers couldn’t actually take that road. All it took was Alexis to acknowledge that Law School was a “lofty goal” for Sam to go spinning into one of her attacks. Did she totally miss the first words Alexis said? “Wow – that’s wonderful Sam.” Of course not! She was just looking for a way to play the victim again and attack Alexis.

I don’t think we’ve seen the last turn or twist to this story. It all came together way too quickly and just a little bit too neatly for something involving the Cassadines. I have a sneaking suspicion there’s more to this, and maybe the paternity isn’t as cut and dry as it appears.

Speaking of the Cassadines, just when it seemed Nicholas had found a little peace from spreading Courtney’s ashes at sea, Jax took his name off the visitors’ list for little John, banning him from the Neonatal ICU. Nicholas wasn’t the only one who thought it was odd. The arrogant neurosurgeon, Patrick, who was chosen to deliver the news agreed. Though Jax has a valid point about Nicholas being a train wreck with his grieving, it is quite evident he is only protecting his dirty little secret. He’s also not that far off the mark with his fears of Helena so it’s hard to be mad at him. His heart is in the right place.

I’m not completely sure it’s Jax’s heart that is guiding him when it comes to Carly, however. The couple grew closer yet this week and even got hot and heavy on two separate occasions. As odd as it may sound, I like this couple, not because I really think they have hope of a long-lasting relationship, but for the fireworks. Both are solid and strong-minded and neither are afraid to speak their mind. Watching the two fervently argue and then having those emotions give way to passion has provided pretty hot entertainment. The second of their encounters was interrupted by Nicholas who chastised them for not having more respect for Courtney’s memory. While he may have a valid argument if he was in the real world… he lives and breathes on a soap. I’m actually shocked they aren’t pushing the obvious next pairing of Nick with Maxie harder than they already have.

Diego’s return to Port Charles continued to aggravate Dillon, especially when Georgie remained supportive to her recently released friend. Eventually, Dillon asked Georgie to stay away from Diego, and his new wife agreed.

Sonny and Emily slid to the backburnerthis week with only a few sparse scenes showing their growing relationship. Late in the week, they decided to head for home. Even with everything else on her plate, Carly wasn’t too busy to go running to Jason as soon as she discovered Sonny was with Emily. I was really hoping the pairing with Jax would keep her from caring so much what her ex-husband was doing. I should have known better. I was glad when she had second thoughts and kept her mouth shut, for all it was worth. The cliff-hanger Friday had Jason finding out his sister was still involved with his friend/boss. Watch for Sonny and Jason to begin to unravel next week.

Also on Friday, Dr. Noah again lashed out at Patrick for not removing his name from the donor list. Robin jumped in to defend Patrick and try and convince Noah to listen to his son. Noah screamed (yet again) that he would not accept a liver, and then fled to the hospital rooftop. Bobbie followed and they had a heart to heart. Noah admitted he was being hard on his son so Patrick wouldn’t grieve when he died. Bobbie chastised and pleaded with him to, at the very least, reconcile with Patrick.

I must say these scenes have been too few and far between. It is nice to see two characters with rich history that are now older and wiser sharing screen time – even though the chemistry isn’t what it once was. I’ve read the writers were going to try and rekindle this old flame. For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, it’s not working for me. If Noah stays around long enough to find a love interest, I hope he doesn’t look to the past, but to someone new. The Bobbie/Noah friendship is strong, but this viewer thinks it should stay platonic.

On a side-note Rick Springfield, the actor who plays Noah Drake, mentions on his blog that he hopes his character gets a liver soon. It seems he’s getting strange looks and comments from soap fans in restaurants when he orders a glass of wine.

That will wrap up the rounds for this week. Tune in to General Hospital next week to see Jason and Sonny’s relationship begin to suffer, the Jax and Carly relationship heat up, and Noah’s health continue to decline.

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