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To Franco, all of Port Charles is a canvas, and murder is art.

Making the Round at General Hospital: Franco’s Big Canvas; More Musical Couples

Some would say Franco considers Port Charles a big chess board and that he is slyly moving the pieces around, but those of us familiar know he sees murder as art, and he's just preparing the canvas.

From arriving at the rented mansion on Route 66 (remember the 66 roses he sent Maxie) to his conversation with the dealer running his new show, to playing with toy monkeys and splashing his tag C077X on the wall above the fireplace, and even getting close to Josslyn in the park, it's all about tormenting those he affected last time and calling Jason out for another round of "who's the best murderer?"

There's only one flaw in this current storyline that is nagging at me. When Franco left last time, he laid down the "you kill, I kill" rule, so it goes to reason we wouldn't see Franco until Jason killed Carter in prison. However, the three pictures that arrived – one to Dante, one to Maxie, and one to Josslyn – are of actual unsolved crime scenes. One would think these are killings that happened after he left Port Charles. Yeah, I know, minor quip, but it's inconsistencies like this that bug me.

Meanwhile, Carly went to Jason to be debriefed about her run-in with Franco. She asked Jason what Franco's comment about Michael being quite the prize in prison meant, and Jason brushed it off, saying it was just a mind game.

I'm having a hard time believing Jason that's stupid – or I have to wonder if TPTB are going to back off the rape story. They've never completely come out and said that's what happened, though it was played very heavy that way. And the blood draw afterward? Why would the clinic do a blood draw if he was simply beat up? In some ways, I hope they follow through on this. It would be groundbreaking and could be interesting – but my gut is telling me they won't devote the time to do it right.

Jason and Dante noticed Spinelli was out of sorts, and Jason was able to pull out of the computer geek what he'd witnessed at Maxie's apartment. Was glad to hear he saw Maxie's plan for what it was and has decided to say enough is enough. I'm still concerned where this will put his character: the unattached usually lack in storyline, but I have a feeling he'll be a big player until Franco is put out of commission. Hopefully, after that, they will find someone worthy of his devotion to pair him up with.

Maxie dumped her troubled heart at Lucky's feet, explaining that she'd shown up there and kissed him because she was conflicted and confused about her feelings for Spinelli. Lucky gently told her she couldn't be putting him in the middle of that, and then Liz – who'd witnessed the kiss – called her a slut and accused her of digging her claws into Lucky.

Liz had come to the police station to try again to remind Lucky of their life together and instead was reminded that they will never be again. In typical Liz fashion, she ran to Nikolas and apologized for shutting him out. She said she was willing to let him be a part of their child's life now. (I'm wondering if she'll blame Nik when she finds out Helena switched the paternity tests.)

To round off the show, Lisa continued her psycho, pseudo-stalking of Patrick, angering him. An oblivious Robin tried to turn up the heat with her husband in the supply closet, but guilt tainted his performance.

Next Week on General Hospital:

  • Franco's reign of terror continues, including a visit to Sam.
  • Claire reminds Michael about the terms of his release.
  • Kristina sees flashes of Keifer in her new study partner.
  • Spinelli tells Maxie it's over.
  • Elizabeth goes into labor.

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