Wednesday , October 27 2021

Madonna – American Life

Inimitable and ever-morphing Madonna has released her latest CD, American Life.

NME “She’s simply done everything there is to do, done more than any other pop star will ever be able achieve, done it with bells on and knickers off. Surely that’s enough now?”

Undercover“Madonna has succeeded in producing an album that sounds right today, is through provoking lyrically and continues her growth as an artist. She is a true superstar.”

Music-Critic“the underlying fact is that the music ends up being just plain boring. “
AZ Reporter“With “American Life,” Madonna has once again reached deeply into her own life as the source and substance of her extraordinary artistry.”

What do I think? Well, I have only heard the self-titled single, but my two sentence assessment is this: Madonna is an excellent chameleon, taking what is hot and blending it into something with her thumbprint on it. But then again, what is style without real substance. I give it a B-.

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