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Lawsuit Dropped Against Chinese Swap Site

AP reports The U.S. recording industry has dropped efforts to compel
four Internet service providers to block a Chinese Web site accused of
distributing pirated music.

    Thirteen record companies had filed a lawsuit Friday after failing to
    persuade the site,, to shut down on its own.

    But in a surprise move, the companies dropped the lawsuit Wednesday, saying
    the site is now offline.

    The Recording Industry Association of America ( news – web sites) said it
    may revive the lawsuit if the site reappears with a new name or location.

    Critics had complained that the RIAA was setting a potentially dangerous
    precedent by trying to force the Internet carriers to function as the
    copyright police, a right it had under an untested provision of the 1998
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( news – web sites).

    It’s unclear what happened to the Listen4ever site, which has been
    inaccessible since at least Monday.

    An e-mail from a representative for the site, identified as Mike Smith, said
    only, “For some reason, the site is closed and will never come back.” The
    e-mail, sent using a Yahoo! account in response to a reporter’s inquiry, did
    not elaborate….

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