Thursday , December 8 2022
The Jets need a new train, a new conductor, and a new route to a better destination.

Jets Coach Ryan’s Express Has Reached The End of the Line

Ask the Jets head coach a question – any question really – and you are likely to get an answer that will not surprise you. He used to be the master of the press conference, mostly because he could bloviate with the best of them, but underlying it all was little substance. Ryan was full of sound and fury but it has signified nothing for Jets fans. Fortunately, the Ryan Express has only one stop left and then, hopefully, it will be taken out of service permanently.

Take this week’s final game against the Buffalo Bills (5-10). The Jets (6-9) could go out there and make a good showing, and making Tim Tebow the starting QB would indicate some out of the box thinking on Ryan’s part. Sadly, Ryan is so grounded in his own myth (yes, he hangs onto things and refuses to give up like a Japanese soldier still hiding in the jungle and fighting World War 2 in his mind) that he will not deviate from the storyline. Ryan is kind of like a monster who feeds upon itself, and this is how we have seen the team decimated this year.

I have never been a supporter of the plan to bring Tebow here, but it is likely not just frustrating for the young player but also humiliating. Greg McElroy is hurt and Mark Sanchez has been proven to have no idea as to handle the job, but still Ryan goes with Sanchez. His response, as has been the case all season, is less than satisfying. He says the team doesn’t have enough time to prepare with Tebow and is more comfortable with Sanchez. Sorry to tell you Rex, but no one is buying your sales pitch anymore. Again it is sound and fury signifying nothing. As I said before there are no surprises with Rex anymore, his express so stuck on the tracks of his game plan even after being derailed again and again.

I ask team owner Woody Johnson to please take note of the following: I am predicting a terrible outcome for this final game against the Bills. I think Sanchez will blow it as he cannot even lead against an inferior team. The Bills will win because the once glorified Jets defense is now as solid as Swiss cheese, and the Jets will end the season in disgrace. If that is not enough for you to get Ryan out then I don’t know what is, but we Jets fans have suffered long enough. The Jets need a new train, a new conductor, and a new route to a better destination. Are you listening, Woody?

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