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'Broken at Love' has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a third season.

Interview: Karolina Sivas Launches ‘Broken at Love’ Season Three Fundraiser

It’s safe to say the webseries world has exploded, with new content karolina3being created at a furious rate over the past couple of years.  Gone are the substandard “home movies” and tasteless videos.  While there are still a plethora of serials out there, some haven’t got the production value and quality that viewers now demand.  Among numerous popular soap-drama serials, Broken At Love is one that has gained quite a following.

This series is about a young college student’s journey, as she falls in love, suffers heartbreak, and tries to make sense of it all. Karolina Sivas not only stars, but is also the series executive producer and writer.  Her character, Vivienne ‘Vive’ Taylor, has been through quite an emotional rollercoaster ride in the first two seasons, but Sivas has a lot more in store for season three.  I had the chance to chat with her one-on-one just as she launched an Indieogogo campaign to fund season three.

Broken At Love is based on Sivas’ own experiences, and having been through a tough break up and the aftermath, it has been a very personal project for her. But the process has allowed her to grow as a writer. “I’ve been writing since elementary school.  It’s been one of the best parts of this series, more so than acting. I’ve learned so much about what I like, how to tell the story,” Sivas explained.

Upon the season two finale, Sivas thought she had closed the book on the series.  However, not only did fans drive her toward another season, Sivas, herself, couldn’t stop thinking about the series.  “The show is so personal. Having to relive a lot of what happened, I thought it would be beneficial to write other things.  But I kept going back to this series and the characters.” She adds, “[It] didn’t feel like things were settled” with Broken At Love.

Then a fortuitous mother-daughter jaunt to New York City inspired her, especially after meeting with her friend and musical director of the series, who encouraged her to create another season. After such a great experience in the Big Apple, Sivas hopes to move production from Los Angeles to New York, as well as create a new world for Vivenne a la Sex and the City.  “It was one of the reasons for the campaign. I really want to bring Vivenne there [New York City].”  They say New York is the place to be and it will be interesting to see Vive navigate the dating scene in such a fast-paced city.

Another motivation to bring at least part of season three across country is that she’s maxed out her resources in LA!  She laughed, adding that she’s pretty much depleted all her favors from friends, family and costars.  In the first two seasons the series was filmed in such locations as Malibu and Beverly Hills.  They say things happen for a reason.  One more sign she is on the right track was immediately finding the right guy to cast for a role she had in mind, which eluded her last summer.

“I’ve never spent this long writing.  I really dedicated a lot of months to these scripts and I really like them. I’ve rehashed season three, which now I see an endless amount of stories to tell, so many things I want to share, a more coming of age type series,” Sivas revealed.  Season three will have Vive exploring a new environment, as well as some hot, sexy men!

We all go through break-ups, and Sivas let on, that after Vive’s ordeal and heartbreak over Holden (Gregory, Rob Healy), the audience will see how the experience changes her, making her more insecure about herself. “[I think] the emotional journey she’s going to take is a little more mature, [she’s] more self-aware.  She’s never the victim, and I never want her to be the victim. This season is about gaining control over her life, being bold. She’s a good girl but will have a little more to her this season.”  Interestingly, Sivas is quick to point out that while Vivenne will most likely be a fish-out-of-water at parties, personally she’s nothing like her character.  Having hung out with Sivas at last year’s Indie Series Awards Pre-Party, I can attest to this fact!

Last week, Sivas launched the Broken at Love Indiegogo Campaign, which will run for the next 50 days. “The first two seasons were self funded,” she explained.  “Now that the plan is to take production to New York, [it] requires more funding to tell the story.” The newest Indiegogo Campaign will entice fans to become more interactive. “Fans will have the chance to follow everything throughout the production as part of the perks offered to those who donate.  Some perks include signed scripts, 8×10 autographed poster, props from the set, or attend the premiere.”

Broken at Love is about finding out who you are, growing up and dealing with the struggles we all have faced.  Broken at Love can’t be produced in New York without funding, so now it’s up to the fans!  While times are tough, every little bit helps and it all adds up.  Check out the cool perks and learn more about the series by visiting the Indiegogo Campaign page.

Watch Broken at Love, and be sure to follow Sivas on twitter @BrokenAtLove, like the Facebook page, and donate at Indiegogo to ensure season three!

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