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Interview: Joseph Christiano, ND, Author of ‘Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 26 Disruptive Technological Advances in Stem Cell Activation’

I had the chance to interview Joseph Christiano (Dr. Joe), a renowned naturopathic doctor and nutrition/health expert about his new book, Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 26 Disruptive Technological Advances in Stem Cell Activation. The book is a comprehensive guide to a new frontier in medicine with the potential to help people overcome countless conditions.

Having reviewed the book for this site, I was curious about Christiano’s perspective. He used stem cell therapies himself to recover from crippling bouts of pain and other health issues. As a health professional he believes it’s vital to educate the public on these revolutionary treatment options. As a person, he knows they work.

Why do you characterize adult stem cell therapy and activators as a disruptive technology?

When talking about “disruptive” technologies, one only has to remember Blockbuster and all that was entailed just to rent a video. Now, that entire concept has been replaced with a more efficient and convenient, less time-consuming and less expensive system — a disruptive technology called Netflix. Any time a new technology can offer better, more efficacious and beneficial options, it is disruptive to the old standard.

When it comes to addressing physical health issues such as musculoskeletal and degenerative illnesses, the norm has always been conventional medicine applications. Although conventional medicine has been used for decades, the options for the patient are limited to very dangerous drug therapy, chemical therapies and — many times — unnecessary surgeries. But now with adult stem cell therapy and activators, twenty-first-century patients have better, more effective and natural options at their disposal. These disruptive technologies are quickly replacing the limitations of conventional medicine.

What are the main advantages of stem cell therapy over conventional medical treatments? 

Stem cell therapy is all natural. It uses the patient’s own genetic materials instead of foreign materials and medications, and it’s minimally invasive. it addresses and repairs the root cause(s) in the patient’s condition instead of only treating symptoms, which is conventional medicine’s approach.

How does stem cell treatment work to heal chronic pain or degenerative illnesses?

Certain stem cells act as anti-inflammatory bombs: almost immediately upon injection, they eliminate the pain from inflamed joint(s). When inflammation is eliminated, the patient finds immediate relief and can function normally again, and the body is now prepared for healing. Other stem cells actually replace damaged stem cells, which in turn heal the organ and bodily system.

How should patients choose from the different types of therapies you describe in Stem Cell Revolution?

There are three main cellular regenerative therapies: adult stem cell therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and adult stem cell activation. Several underlying factors must be considered when choosing between them. For instance: Is the condition chronic or acute? What is the overall health and age of the patient? And, due to a vast variation in cost, what can one’s budget handle?

Adult stem cell therapy would be most effective if the condition is extremely chronic. PRP may be considered for a musculoskeletal problem, i.e., joint pain and damage. But adult stem cell activation might be considered before either of the above-mentioned therapies. From a budgetary perspective, stem cell therapy is the costliest: it can tally $5,000 and up. PRP therapy can range from $1,000 and up. Stem cell activation is the most affordable at around $50 per bottle, and the patient can self-treat themselves at home.

When do you predict adult stem cell therapy will become mainstream?

Considering the history of its efficacy in healing and restoring damaged tissue, such as joint damage and pain, and its advancement in multiple applications, adult stem cell therapy may very likely become mainstream within the next decade.

Learn more at the author’s website.

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