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Singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist Andrew Gold, passes away at age 59.

In Passing: Andrew Gold (1951-2011)

Andrew Gold was one of those musicians, who for the most part, slid under the radar during his four decade career. While many people remember him for his two big hits, “Lonely Boy” and “Thank You For Being A Friend,” he served as a noted session guitarist, songwriter, producer, and band member.

His fist band was Bryndle, which formed during the early 1970s. Other members of the folk/rock band were Kenny Edwards, Karla Bonoff, and Wendy Waldman. Despite having four members who would go on to successful solo careers, the band was a commercial failure and their only recorded album was not released for 25 years.

He would become an in-demand session guitarist during the mid-1970s. He was the featured guitarist on Linda Ronstadt’s break-out album, Heart Like A Wheel. He would be a member of her backing band, 1973-1977, and would play on four of her albums. He would go on to play with such artists as Art Garfunkel, Eric Carman, Stephan Bishop, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Cher, Don Henley, and Brian Wilson.

He issued the first of his ten studio albums during 1975 and the last in 2008. While they would have moderate commercial success, he would never achieve superstar status. Although not sung by him, his “Thank You For Being A Friend” was selected as the theme song for NBC’s long running comedy, The Golden Girls.

During 1983, he formed the group Wax with Graham Gouldman of 10CC Fame. During their six year career they would release five albums and achieve a great deal of success in the United Kingdom and Europe, but little in the United States.

During the last decade of his life he continued to perform, record, and write songs for films. He had been fighting cancer for a number of years when he died of a heart attack, June 3, 2011. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

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