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Sometimes the stars take a moment to talk about important issues. Here's one great example.

Hot in Cleveland Talks Current Events

You know what we like to see here in the Blogcritics Video section?  We like to see television shows getting involved in important current events.  It's nice to see that even a basic cable original sitcom cares about what is taking place in the world.  It is nice to see that the stars are not above taking a few minutes out of their day in order to comment on the affairs of the day.  It is nice to see that they care.

Oh sure, the network and local news regularly comment on stuff and cable news comments too much, but when you see the stars of your favorite sitcom or drama talking to you about something you know it is important.  After all, there is absolutely no way that those folks would ever, when discussing current affairs, really only be talking in  order to promote their own show, would they?

Here, take a look at this little piece the nice folks over at Hot in Cleveland (the TV Land original series).  This little ditty was posted to Facebook, is funny, tackles the issue of the day and doesn't promote their series even once.  Well, maybe it does, but it's still really pretty funny.

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