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h5 domino creations

H5 Domino Creations from Spin Master

H5 Domino Creations brings Spin Master Games together with master domino builder Lily Hevesh, known by her channel name Hevesh5. Hevesh5 rocks the domino scene as a professional artist designing and building chain-reaction constructions that evolve as they fall into ever more beautiful arrangements. Her feats have been viewed over one billion times in social media, and the H5 Domino Creations set helps bring her techniques home for everyone to enjoy domino action.

The H5 Domino Creations set contains 100 dominoes as well as accessories to make things more interesting. Rather than using gaming dominoes, which are often made of wood that can include variability in how they are made and of course pips that slightly change the center of balance, the dominoes included in the H5 Domino Creations are precision engineered. This elevates domino-laying to a science, which in turn frees the builders to let their artistic sides run wild. With 25 each of four colors, builders can create peacock designs that unfurl as they fall.

In addition to the dominoes themselves, the H5 Domino Creations set offers two half-bridges, three fieldstarters, and a template. The half-bridges elevate things, enabling the domino line to go to a new level or simply to cross over itself to make a loop. Fieldstarters are long rectangles that enable a single domino to knock over a multitude in the next area instead of having to slowly build up width via a triangle.

The most useful piece of all is the template, which looks very much like a comb. Instead of having to painstakingly judge where to set the next domino, builders can quickly place the dominoes between the teeth and then slide it out. This creates a whole line in a fraction of the time.

A handy guide booklet inside the H5 Domino Creations set gives tips and tricks on how to best build the domino line. It discusses proper spacing to ensure the dominoes fall in a fill line without gaps. This becomes crucial when building a curve, as the booklet shows the minimum number of dominoes for a strong, square turn. With the basics in mind, builders can understand how the dominoes will perform as they fall, making for inspiration on bigger and better construction. Hevesh is eager in sharing the art of domino-placing and invites builders to reach out online with questions and cool moves.

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