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A whole new generation should enjoy discovering this new Richie Rich, who is a little bit Johnny Quest, a little bit Tintin.

Graphic Novel Review: Richie Rich Digital Comics

Ape Entertainment has teamed with Classic Media to produce an updated version of Richie Rich comics for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The comics will also appear in print. In this new series, “the poor little rich boy” has been re-imagined as an adventurer who heads “Rich Rescue.”

The app is a free download, with each of the four Rich Rescue editions available for $1.99. Also available for free download are preview editions of black and white Richie Rich Classics, with full versions available for $.99.

The first edition of the Rich Rescue rescue series, Rich Rescue, Issue #1, includes two linked adventures, “Welcome to Rich Rescue” and “The Boon Under the Bay.” Richie and his team are introduced: super robot maid Irona, friend Gloria, cousin Reggie, Professor Keenbean, and faithful butler and sidekick Cadbury. They must help a woman named Alannah, who works at the local maritime museum, hunt for a lost pirate ship — which may be hidden under a volcano dubbed Blamma-toa.

Another new story, in the style of the classic Richie Rich comics follows, “Of Demise and Men,” a color adventure set in an amusement park, featuring Richie, Gloria, and a Cadbury with a lot less hair than his contemporary counterpart.

There is also “Keenbean’s Corner,” a feature with the Professor giving some science background on the super sub featured in “The Boon Under the Bay.”

Additional Rich Rescue adventures are also available for download:

The first four new adventures include:

Richie Rich: Rich Rescue, Issue #2: “The Pursuit of Pesos!”

Richie Rich: Rich Rescue, Issue #3: “Just Desserts Deserts”

Richie Rich: Rich Rescue, Issue #4: “Yen for a Yeti!”

The comics are well-drawn and colorful, featuring artwork by Marcelo Ferreira & Dustin Evans, with cover art by Jack Lawrence. The story was written by Bill Williams. They look great on the iPad, and the app has an easy-to-use interface. 

Rich Rescue is skewed for a slightly older “young reader” than the classic Richie Rich comics, as its dialogue is lengthier and has more of a science focus. But there is still plenty of fun and excitement as Richie and his friends must save the day and make exciting undersea discoveries. A whole new generation should enjoy discovering this new Richie Rich, who is a litte bit Johnny Quest, a little bit Tintin.

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