Thursday , October 28 2021

Going Mobile

Nice review of portable digital audio players from TechTV, including a handy comparison charts:

    Other than the third-generation iPod, we’ve spent most of 2003 waiting for an innovative new MP3 player. We can finally welcome a whole new crop of players. They sport vast hard drives, innovative form factors, extra features such as an FM tuner, and excellent dollar-per-megabyte value. They all double as general storage devices as well.

    See our picks for the best of these next-gen portables on this week’s “Fresh Gear” so you can buy the perfect player for your needs.

    ….Apple iPod 40GB
    Pros: Stylish and functional; intuitive; ultra compact
    Con: Less than nine hours of battery life

    ….Bantam Interactive BA1000 2GB
    Pros: Line-in recording and radio; neat graphical user interface
    Cons: Mediocre backlight; too thick; 2GB doesn’t cut it; slow processor; terrible value

    ….Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX 30GB
    Pros: Best value when it comes to capacity; excellent sound quality
    Cons: Bulky; graphical interface and controls can use a revamp

    ….Dell Digital Jukebox 20GB
    Pros: Sleek, durable, and attractive design; good value; excellent battery life
    Con: Cannot quickly select and play all songs

    ….Philips HDD100 Recording Audio Jukebox
    Pros: Could win a fashion award; MP3 encoding and voice recorder
    Cons: Slow processor; low value points

    Rio Karma 20GB
    Pros: Innovative and extremely compact form factor; Ethernet networkable; nice graphical interface
    Con: Controls are difficult to use for some

    ….Each Player a Winner
    Each player has its strong points. Here’s how they measure up in all the major categories.

    Best dollar-per-MB value
    Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX 30GB

    Best sound quality
    Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX; Rio Karma; Apple iPod

    Most features
    Bantam BA1000

    Apple iPod

    Most worthy iPod rival
    Rio Karma

    Best battery life
    Dell DJ

    Most durable
    Dell DJ

    Easiest to use
    Apple iPod

    Style points
    Apple iPod; Philips HDD100

    Best overall
    Apple iPod

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