Thursday , October 28 2021

“Getting Along Fine”

Our own Scourge of the Plains, Iowa blogger David Hogberg, has plenty of nonsense to deal with out there – like Sen. Tom Harkin comparing Iraq to Vietnam. Harkin said:

    “Go visit Vietnam, as I’ve done several years ago, and find out how the people are getting along there … They seem to be getting along fine,” he said on the Senate floor. “I still may not approve of the kind of government they’ve got, but the people seem to be getting along fine. Saigon is bustling. Hanoi is bustling. Roads are being built. Tourist industry is going up. Manufacturing is going up.

    “It might not be the mirror image of our government but they seem to be doing all right.”

Dave says:

    Ultimately, Harkin’s remarks are stupid for two reasons. First, they attempt to reduce the justification for invading Iraq to the nature of the regime in Baghdad. If I were to run into Harkin right now, I’d be inclined to ask him if he’s ever heard of weapons of mass destruction or links to terrorism? Second, the underlying premise is the U.S. can’t do good anywhere if it isn’t going to do good everywhere. Because we aren’t trying to topple the dictatorship in Vietnam, we can’t topple the one in Iraq. Anyone for making the perfect the enemy of the good?

It’s also saying that regardless of the government, if people can “get by” without our help, we shouldn’t be so inclined to help them. And it says Saddam is no worse than the government of Vietnam – I assure you, there is no bustling going on in Iraq, nor will there be as long as Saddam is in power.

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