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It's hard to say exactly why "General Hospital"'s Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have so much chemistry, but sometimes actors just organically do.

‘General Hospital’: Fans Celebrate Silas and Sam

SiamNationCollageDani12 3I have been a fan of Michael Easton ever since he first showed up on the daytime canvass as Tanner on Days of Our Lives.  Many years have passed, but like they say, once a soap opera fan, always a fan.  I’ve followed Easton’s career through the years and was thrilled when I stumbled upon Port Charles, where he was playing a mysterious vampire obsessed with Olivia Locke, played by the incredible Kelly Monaco.  Of course, anything involving a hot vampire with an appetite for lust, count me in, but it is Easton’s on-screen presence that continues to captivate his fans.  Paired with Kelly Monaco, our afternoons were smoking hot as the two burned up the screen, making fans go crazy wanting more!

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with both Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco, who say their time on Port Charles has been incredible. Monaco told me playing Livvie Locke was the best role she’s ever had, and Easton has said he loved playing Caleb the vampire because he’s a rock star, with an ego that can do anything!  Both had fun revisiting their roles during General Hospital last year and Easton told me he’d love to play the lovelorn vamp again! I know a ton of fans that would welcome it!

It’s hard to say exactly why Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have so much chemistry, but sometimes actors just organically do.  A couple of examples that immediately come to mind is of course, soap opera’s very first “Supercouple”, General Hospital‘s Anthony Geary and Genie Francis as “Luke and Laura”; Days of Our Lives‘ Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell as”Bo and Hope”.

When Port Charles was cancelled and Kelly Monaco migrated to General Hospital, I began calling the hotline, asking that Michael Easton be added to the cast in hopes they would once again be paired. While it was a tough moment in soap opera history when One Life To Live was cancelled, I was actually praying that GH would finally pursue Michael. To say I was ecstatic when they did is an understatement!  Initially, he was added as his One Life To Live SIAMMakeLove53 2character, John McBain and was immediately paired with Kelly Monaco’s Sam Morgan. They didn’t miss a beat and it was like they’d been working together for the past 10 years, as sparks flew.

Of course, as sometimes is the case, a contractual legal battle between ABC and Prospect Park halted everything when they refused to allow Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati to continue to use the character of McBain. Things got really heated when Easton was served with a subpoena that he was not allowed on the General Hospital set, so for the next few months got an unplanned vacation. I was really upset, not knowing what to expect.  Would he return or would my couple be ended forever? Luckily Valentini and Carlivati had another plan up their sleeves and created a new character, Silas Clay, Stephen Clay’s (Easton’s character from Port Charles) brother.

The road to Silas and Sam wasn’t an easy one, but from the moment they met, fans could once again see the sexual tension between them. Sam initially believed he was Stephen Clay, a serial killer that had kidnapped her months before.  However even when she realized he wasn’t a mass murderer it didn’t matter much. She clearly didn’t like the doc. But what do they say? Sometimes the road to love is a rough one?  As an Oncologist, when Sam’s son Danny was diagnosed with leukemia, Silas took the case and his expertise in the field landed him a job at General Hospital as the Chief of Oncology. Over the horrific ordeal of facing the fact that her son had this potentially fatal disease, Silas became a friend that Sam could depend on, someone to lean on during such a scary time. Though initially ice cold, arrogant and distant, Sam broke through his frozen exterior and Silas finally admitted his feelings. Fans of SIAM (smush name for the couple) were excited to see the love between them blossom, aSIAMMakeLove110 2ll building to the night they finally took that last step and made love!

As it goes in soaps, the brief moment of happiness wasn’t to last thanks to a surprise twist that Silas’s wife Nina (Michelle Stafford) was alive! Thought to have died many years ago after an almost lethal dose of medication by her mother, everything changed when the psychotic, obsessive, devious femme fatale arrived on the scene, hell bent on getting her hubby back! Things for the couple went from bad to worse when Silas accused Patrick (Jason Thompson) of killing his nephew Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) during a brain operation. Angry at his nephew’s early departure, Silas believed in Patrick’s guilt and was not happy that Sam sided with him. After a confrontation, Sam broke up with Silas.  After Sam warned Silas that his wife is not what she says, Silas finally catches on to Nina’s game of lies and deceit, faking injury to gain his sympathies.  Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick became close friends until he neglected to advise Sam that Robin (Kimberly McCullough)  had tried to save her thought-to-be-dead husband Jason (Billy Miller)!  Although Patrick is on the outs with Sam at moment and Jason Morgan is back (thought she’s unaware), the question as to whether or not Silas will win back his girl is up in the air.

Since it was a year ago New Years Eve that Silas and Sam consummated their relationship, the couple’s fandom SiamNation want to celebrate. To that end, I am hosting a “SiamNation Holiday Celebration” on BlogTalkRadio’s RHeart Radio to remember the couple and why fans love them so much. You’re invited to the party on December 17 at 9:00 p.m. (ET), as fans take a look at the couple, discuss favorite moments and chat about the actors who portray the popular couple. SiamNation has been doing trivia questions leading up to the big event and RHeart Radio has donated a autographed item that will serve as a grand prize! The catch? You must be listening to the show to win!  Follow all the action on Twitter: @SiamNation; @RHeartRadio It’s going to be a fun night, so don’t miss it!


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