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Game Review: Season III Expansion of Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge from Dyskami

Season III expansion of Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge from Dyskami adds even more ways to duel in the vast Sailor Moon Crystal universe. The base set for Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge allows players to face off with their favorite characters from Sailor Moon in a game of luck and strategy. Just as the third season brought in new allies and villains to the show, the expansion dice challenge invites new sailor scouts and denizens of darkness to the contest.

In Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, each player chooses a character from the Sailor Moon Crystal universe. The characters come with sets of dice that serve as their basic strength with some very powerful d20s and others with lesser d4s and d6s. Players should note that some characters may be weak initially but have great inner strength, which is shown in their powerful reserve dice like Sailor Uranus or the villainous Eudial. Other characters might pack a strong punch at first, but a single bad roll could knock them out, such as Sailor Pluto’s string of d20s backed by lower value dice in reserve.

In addition to their dice pools, each character in Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge has a special ability that players may activate to change the course of the duel. Many of the sailor scouts focus on re-rolling their attacks and affecting their opponent, such as preventing dice from coming into play. The villains offer a wide range of evil powers, most famously summoning a daimon. This creature comes into combat as an interruption, fighting the opponent and weakening them before disappearing and letting the player come into the battle still fresh. Kaolinite has a particularly scary power of swapping die values with her opponent, gaining strength while weakening the other. Mistress 9, who is powerful from the beginning, has the ability to re-roll any 1’s on her own dice as well as stealing a reserve die from her opponent.

With so much variety added to Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge by including Season III, players will need to carefully study each new character. Old strategies will be tested and possibly even overturned. Stealing dice may have been a strong action, but Cyprine and Ptilol’s ability to divide dice into two with each having half the value means that theft is worth very little. Arming defenses and waiting out an opponent might not work if an opponent sends a daimon out to fight first. Whether strategizing or simply choosing a favorite from the show, there is no shortage of excellent combatants for a tournament.

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge is a dueling game for two to eight players aged ten and up. The Season II expansion adds new character cards, new dice, and new power tokens as well as an additional lanyard and challenge cards for “portable play.” The cards announce that a player is looking for a challenger, making seeking out players a game in and of itself as well as a fun way to meet new friendly fans of Sailor Moon.

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